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Team Battles Mode Discontinued Just Sucks!

Team Battles

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SHO_PoWeR #1 Posted Jul 12 2019 - 19:58


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Well I seen this coming for awhile. WG never promoted Team Battle's or Company Battle's, they did once with ranked battles but that was a joke. Why would you not promote the best game mode in the game? 


There was a very large community playing this mode, but as with all things so goes this....


Tournaments,Strongholds or Frontline modes do not even come close!!

There is no risk and no rewards!  Boosters, gold,   oh boy!



So much for the two best battle modes in the game.... 


As for the 2 hardest medals in the game, they our gone now.....


It was a blast while it lasted "RIP" TB's you will be missed!! :(



Playz4Free #2 Posted Jul 12 2019 - 20:03


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I think they killed it because of lack of participation/interest by the community.

__WarChild__ #3 Posted Jul 12 2019 - 20:12


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I played this game for a year and didn't even know this was a thing.  When I was in Y0L0, we did a few of these (my first ever) but it was hard to get opponents, so the wait was too much.  I've since forgotten about them.  If WG promoted them or made them easier to see in-game, they might be able to get more folks.  IDK.

Slone #4 Posted Jul 12 2019 - 22:03


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They killed Team Battles when they abandoned E-Sports.

eisen1973 #5 Posted Jul 12 2019 - 22:11


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Are the awards going to be moved to Specials or remain there as a remainder of what we won't be able to achieve anymore?

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