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Is WOT Able to Block Cheat Mods?

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repsolroger #101 Posted Yesterday, 10:30 PM

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There are mods that totally help cheaters...and I've seen some clans use them ..the mod were if stuff is breaking..it shows on mini map..so they know we're you are...some red line dealy coming out of their barrel..so they can act accordingly..move.stay in cover ect...that autoaim ..that grabs targets and leads behind solid objects....sure it might not get you in the 60% range....but it is going to help you with more info then a vanilla player..plus when I used to see players with 9k plus personal rating..I always thought..in pub matches and RNG...yah right..lol.....I logged in yesterday after 5 weeks ..and thought..they still need 3500 personal rating above\below added to matchmaker.....

gpc_4 #102 Posted Yesterday, 10:55 PM


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Really depends on what you mean by cheating. To a lot of people this means making your gun always hit, or shooting through rocks, or giving your tank more armor, or making impossible spots, etc, etc. That stuff doesn't happen. You can't hack the servers and change the game in your favor. There are mods that give slight advantages; showing where trees get knocked down, where an arty shot originates from, aimbots that will aim for you (but don't guarantee pens). People get banned for using these mods. However, cheating is not a big issue. It won't make a bad player into a good player. Just play your game. The only constant in your battles is you.

Siege_Engine #103 Posted Yesterday, 10:57 PM


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View PostFlarvin, on Sep 22 2019 - 22:22, said:

If you want to say mods provide an unfair advantage that should be classified as cheating, and banned. 


I could agree that is a very valid claim, and worthy of debate. 


But claiming what is explicitly allowed by the rules, is cheating. Not really a valid claim. 


I do not use mods, but did years ago. I could careless if WG banned them. But it would significantly reduce the number of good client changes.


Thank you my friend.  I see your point. 

Flarvin #104 Posted Today, 02:35 AM


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View PostSiege_Engine, on Sep 22 2019 - 16:57, said:

Thank you my friend.  I see your point. 


My favorite mods provided zero in battle advantage, being 3 row carousel and auto crew return. The only mods I miss. 


Many mods are equivalent to using a calculator, which do provide an advantage. With speed, accuracy and ease, for the vast majority. 


As with calculators in school, I leave it to those defining the test/game, to decide if using one is cheating. 

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