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jst2gr8 #21 Posted Jul 21 2019 - 21:28


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View PostSokkies_1, on Jul 21 2019 - 13:16, said:

I think they must bring in players with the same stats against each other like 40% against 40% thats the only way you can work youre way up to get to 50% or higher.

Blahahahaha, so you are saying that if they put you in a match with 29 other players that are exactly like you that you will get better? No, you will stay the same. Just because your win rate may or may not get better doesn't mean you are getting better. It could mean the team you were on carried you. 


You people really need to get away from this SBMM because it will never work. As said before try to improve yourself to change the outcome. Don't beg for the free wins.

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