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No Combat Rerserves in FL battles....uugh


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HotPP #1 Posted Jul 16 2019 - 12:42


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So after recently reinstalling the entire game AGAIN, I went into FL battle for the first time since reinstalling, got to FL battle and noticed none of my tier8 tanks had any combat reserves. Played the game, finished game, and knowing i might need to re-nominate reserves per each tank then went to my garage, and all of my FL tanks combat reserves had no nominated reserves whatsoever. The garage page said "you need to activate a combat reserve first" when clicking on the reserves at the bottom of the screen.


Went to the combat reserves management page....and wth.....? now I have no level reward shields/coins to use. I'm onto level 27. I should have 27 level coins to use in the combat reserves. Now i cant use any combat reserves.....Is this something anybody else has had have happen? Any bug fixes? fyi i dont have any mods installed. Its about a week old since fresh re-installation that - apart from this glitch - the game installation seems to be working fine at the moment....


Any bug fixes?

Cowabunga_Peppermill_ll #2 Posted Jul 16 2019 - 14:39

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heavymetal1967 #3 Posted Jul 16 2019 - 14:56


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Doesn't sound like a mod issue from what you describe or anything client side tbh.


But all I can think of outside of a ticket is to run safe mode and do the integrity/client check.


If you file a ticket make sure you send screenshots as they'll likely ask for them if you don't.


And if you run mods run safe mode before filing a ticket, cause they'll refer to mods most likely.  And I'd do the client check and mention both in your ticket.


Good luck.



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