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BloodRave31 #1 Posted Jul 17 2019 - 03:46


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Defenders crossing back into lost zone to arty/spawn kill. Attackers cannot cross into unclaimed zone to do the same. Fair is both can or both cannot.

I have read the "in a real war" responses before, I have also read (heavily) about the tactics of Rommel and Patton whom both had scout vehicles crossing behind the enemy lines on a regular basis. 

So as I said, either both can or both cannot.

GenPanzer #2 Posted Jul 17 2019 - 04:23


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Both can under certain conditions.


Attackers can once they reach the main objectives. They can go to any gun they want at that point. But, if one of the first zones is not taken, they cannot go into the preceding zones, no matter what. For example, A/D and/or B/E are taken, but C is not. Attackers cannot enter F zone. C must be taken before they can enter F.


Defenders can go anywhere at any time except the original spawn locations behind the first set of fronts (A,B,C).

MakersMike #3 Posted Jul 17 2019 - 05:11

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I say let the light tanks, usually EBR's, be dumb and take themselves out of important battles going on where they could score more points, and instead waste their time going behind enemy lines to hunt for an arty.  I've never wanted to do that when in my light tanks.


Half the time if they kill the arty, they're killed on the way back.  Then arty can spawn back in, probably in a better position then they were before.  Meanwhile a good and useful tank has taken themselves out of the action for valuable minutes.  Time wasted.  Well done lights!!

rhinohide_xXx #4 Posted Jul 17 2019 - 09:16


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My vote: Neither should be able to. 

1Scots #5 Posted Jul 17 2019 - 11:21


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Having done it and suffered from it I am Ok with them being able to go back.


But I would suggest it should be under some form of restriction. Off the top of my head I could suggest something along the lines of;


an impaired performace,

always showing as detected on the minimap,

a time restriction,


I like the idea of a combination of the first two.


And I am sure others could think of other ways to proceed.

BlueWaveDave #6 Posted Jul 17 2019 - 21:43


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Packs of wheeled vehicles and light tanks have ruined Frontline for me. To me wheeled vehicles are THE WORST addition to the game in my 8 years playing.

jimiray01 #7 Posted Jul 17 2019 - 23:32


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That and DAMN autoloaders! I don't have any autoloaders, and most of my tanks are heavies. I don't have a chance! Those STUPID wheeled vehicles, which are NOT tanks, and auto loaders, need to be either BANNED, or at the least, severely limited! It's NO FUN getting destroyed constantly! :angry:

malkilve #8 Posted Aug 23 2019 - 14:45


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the real problem is no reason to win the battle.  the objectives don't raise your rank as much as a kill do and the winner gets a small xp boost but nothing more.  players are going for the draw not the win.

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