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Fire Trail observations

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favrepeoria #21 Posted Jul 18 2019 - 04:15


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View PostMad_Dog_Seabee, on Jul 17 2019 - 14:58, said:

Saying who it is would technically be Name and Shame.

But can you name and shame a clan? Probably not in general discussion but there are places. Also when AL first game out it was a strategy to just overwhelm with AL at first until people adjusted. 

ThePigSheFlies #22 Posted Jul 18 2019 - 13:49


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View PostAnArmyofBun, on Jul 17 2019 - 12:54, said:


..10 EBR's sounds like the worst idea ever in Clam Wars..and 15 batchats also sounds horrible.


we ran into a mess on westfield that was streamed/replayed (by the opponents).


opponent brought total meme comp expecting to throw as the win would have them needing to field 4 teams after., e.g.  grille, FV 4005, and a bunch of LTs, maybe 9 or 10.  we had Leo 1's for the shell velocity to take out the expected 2-3 EBRs our own EBRs, and then a few cheiftans and 907s.  problem, the EBR's and Leo's got swarmed quickly, and taken out by EBR HE.


Caller took ownership for the next mistake, but basically we pushed into the wrong spot, got strung out, couldn't focus fire worth diddly on the zerging EBRs, FV one shot 1 or 2 tanks, E50M farmed from one high ground and before we knew it we were down 4 or 5 tanks, at which point the opponent decided to clean up and win it, and then take the tech later...


was a pretty embarrassing loss, and even though I'm not a caller, or an officer, I ended up with a couple of after battle chat windows from some folks in that opponent clan :)


that being said, we also dished out some unexpected wins against higher ranked clans as well.  I was mostly happy to have had a chance to more fully participate in only my 2nd tier 10 campaign since like 2015 due to a lot of work travel.  (my prior involvement if any was supporting roles due to minimal availability)  anyway, it gave me a chance to meet and chill with some of our newer members, as well as hang with the old guard.


oh, and those of you struggling to mark the Chieftain may have an easier time in August, after I bring down the expected dpg in it :P


as for the T100LT - I saw it used minimally.  usually as a reserve scout on large maps like maliknova.  the anticipation is that the EBRs get initial information on whether the enemy is actually pushing and where, or camping.  if camping, then the EBRs with help of perhaps a Leo for that shell velocity, or even a 907 support killing the enemy eyes.  this usually involves your own EBRs also getting killed.  then the T100LT can more cautiously probe, or even set up passive.

Roggg2 #23 Posted Jul 18 2019 - 14:59


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Lots of good points.  One more.  If it's true that EBRs dominate, so what?  When was it ever different?  Before tier 10 lights, there was only the bat.  Before the EBR there was only the 100.  Who runs 140s if they have 907s?  There is always going to be a tank that is better than the others, if only slightly, and a clan that has all the tanks to choose from will run the best for each role.

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