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Frontline repair timer resets when shot, even though the repair is still on cooldown?

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JakeTheMystic #1 Posted Jul 20 2019 - 05:12


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So I know that if you are shot while repairing, it stops you and goes on cooldown. This time, the repair cooldown was almost up when I got on it, I get shot by a Skorp with around 12 seconds left before the cooldown is up and the timer resets to 3 min 30 seconds. 


Is that normal or some kind of a glitch? I'm fairly sure I've done similar things before and the timer doesn't reset. 


Clip from stream; https://clips.twitch...DurianDatSheffy

Zanarkand_C #2 Posted Jul 20 2019 - 12:21


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Yea it's been like that if you sit on the repair area and get shot it resets it again <.>

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