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It's time to re-address light tanks, WG.

Light Tank

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Fractured_Raptor #21 Posted Jul 21 2019 - 03:37


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The problem has always been mediums doing just as good. They don't have the same camo ratings .. but they can be just as effective. What they should have done is reduce medium tank view abilities across the board so they're below a light tank, but not to a point where they're useless once the light tanks are gone. Honestly I'd blame the map sizes while I'm at it. Since light tanks have more speed bigger maps would make them far more important. 

Lightly_Armored #22 Posted Jul 21 2019 - 11:46


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As a simple fix (they can't easily rework all maps or all tanks) why not make tracked light tanks go dark after 5 seconds when spotted instead of ten seconds.  I think this special ability would make them relevant again.  It would give them the flexibility to get out and spot without  the assured death from being spotted that currently exists.

_Red_Saaryn_ #23 Posted Jul 21 2019 - 13:26


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View PostRHeadshot, on Jul 21, 2019 - 00:16, said:

B.S.  When they take and survive 2 hits from a tier 10 gun, they have FAR too much armor/survivability.

No. When they survive a shetbarn shot, a Skorpion g [edited], an arty shot(german t10 one), half teams and all in the first 30 seconds of a game and end without any harm or slowing down THAT'S when they have FAR TOO MUCH ARMOR. A light tank shouldn't be able to absorb over 12k damage from gun whose penetration ranges from 270 to 350 and survive. Not even an OP Russian tank can do it then why a light tank should?! Try to put any other tank in that scenario and all will explode with the first 2 shells but the ebr not. That's because it has that fekkin damn godly armor that is the envy of most heavy tanks 

gideon_an #24 Posted Jul 21 2019 - 18:33


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Personally I think there should be a few in theory easy changes to balance lights.

1: Wheeled tanks need to be tracked. An acceptable compromise would be losing half their speed. As it stands they can lose a wheel and barely be hindered.
2: Change the tracking of regular lights to be a 50% slowdown on the first track hit and the usual tracking on the second hit.
3: Get rid of the improved auto aim or have ALL light tanks get the improved auto aim.
4: Lower the wheeled tank DPM. The ELC Even was dropped to tier 2 levels to be balanced. Wheeled tanks need balancing along those lines. They have a fairly high DPM.

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