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T95 TOB TR. A new AMERICAN medium tank line

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  3. yes, but america could use something else (1 vote [4.55%])

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  4. yes because all of the tanks in the line were cast in metal. (0 votes [0.00%])

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  7. no for hard to say reasons (2 votes [9.09%])

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  8. no because they dont counter russian bias enough (1 vote [4.55%])

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  1. Scrap it (7 votes [31.82%])

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  2. Dump it in the harbor! (15 votes [68.18%])

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tigerkiller1000 #1 Posted Jul 23 2019 - 04:57


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(sorry for the small picture size in advance)

Meet the T95 TOB TR, a hydro pneumatic American medium.


T95E8 TOBTR (1).png

TOB TR stand for Tube-Over-Bar Test Rig. This is a modified t95 chassis with a M60A2 "Starship" turret. it featured a 152mm gun launcher but could fit a M68 105mm gun as well. This would make a very interesting tier 10 medium as it would be the first derp medium as well. However if you were looking for a more standard medium tank playstyle you could mount the m68 105mm gun. For ease of play/research the M68 105mm would be the stock gun. the tank would feature a normal gun depression angle of -9 and elevation of +20. This value increases to -13/+24 with the hydro pneumatic suspension. The tank would also feature strong frontal hull and turret armor, but have a semi weak cupola. The cupola is the same one found on the m60a2 and the upper portion would be rather strong, but the ring of periscopes are very weak.


Sitting at tier 9 in this new branch is the T95 TOB early

T95E8 TOBTR (2).png

The T95 TOB project was aimed at mostly figuring out how hydro pneumatic systems could be introduced into the american armored force and they took their sweet time doing so, so much so that theres two different tanks. the main reason for this was that the original t95 suspension system was deemed under performing after the adoption of the M60 and the suspension was changed to the M60's 6 road wheels for better testing. The Early model has the original 5 road wheels and features an m48 turret with a 90mm gun. In-game this tank should feature two turrets, the first turret being an m48 turret with the larger cupola turret and the second being the turret that is pictued on the tank. again the tank features hydro pneumatic suspension and the same gun depression and elevation angles of -9/+20 and -13/+24 with the suspension active. Firepower should have three cannons, the 90mm m36 (stock) with 172mm of pen, the 90mm t15e2m2 with 190mm of pen, and the 105mm t5e1m4 with 225mm of pen and 390 alpha damage. The 105mm should require the second turret. Key points of the tank are its suspension and good frontal hull and turret armor. For wargaming this is an easy tank to add in. Gun models exist, and both possible combinations of hull and turret models exist in the game, being visually identical to the pre-existing t95e2 and the recent super testing tank TL-1 LPC minus the guns. Wargaming thus has no excuse not to attempt this tank.


tier 8 is occupied by the T42 medium.

T42 (2).png

you may think this tank looks like a combination of the t69 hull and the m47 turret and you not exacly right but on the right track there. the t42 project pre dates both of those tanks and the hull was used for the t69 and the turret was adopted by the patton family for the m47. the project was originally supposed to replace the pershing with a lighter medium. after the m46's success in Korea the project was canceled in favor of upgrading the m46. this tank doesnt feature the hydro pneumatic suspension but does feature very strong turret armor with no major weakspots. this tank features an acceptable arrangement of guns, featuring the 90mm m3 (stock) with 160mm pen, the 90mm m36 with 172mm pen, and the 90mm t15e2m2 with 190mm of pen. rather simple depression/elevation angles of -10/+20 allow for turret use. for a stock turret the tank would feature a standard M26 turret that can mount the m3 and m36 guns. Again, wargaming wouldnt spend more than 15 minutes putting together the model from existing models. NO EXCUSES FOR NOT WANTING TO MODEL THE TANK!


The tier 7 in this line is the M4 90V

M4 90V (1).jpg

This thing is an M4A3 with a pershing turret as a hat, part of the idea to get up gunned m4's to Europe to replace the aging 75mm shermans and stand a better chance against the german heavy tanks. This never came to be as the project would just slow down the M26's development. but this one model was constructed. for tier 7 this tank get a very good combo of turret armor and fire power, with the top gun being the 90mm m3. although it wont be the best in mobility. the hull is also a sherman hull, dont expect much from it. it would only have one turret, but would feature 3 guns, the 76mm m1a1, the 76mm m1a2, and the powerful 90mm m3. Now wargaming has very little reason not to add this tank in as they already have the top configuration already in the game. Little known fact is that this tank has been in the game files for several years, i dont even know if it has an HD model. It was supposed to be a tier 7 premium but wargaming never released it for some reason. Time to see this tank come back out into the light.


last and most certainly not least, this entire line would start off from the Sherman jumbo, as it fits the idea of a well armored american medium.  

For those who wonder "why add these tanks?" My simple answer is that ALL of these tanks were built, even if was only a test rig. Which is a lot more than what some of these german and russian tanks are! I did my best to find tanks that would be competitive, but not game breaking. 


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ChaseR392 #2 Posted Jul 23 2019 - 05:43

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Why not :great:

cavalry11 #3 Posted Jul 23 2019 - 15:10

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Another bunch of made up tanks no thanks.

CynicalDutchie #4 Posted Jul 23 2019 - 15:43


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View Postcavalry11, on Jul 23 2019 - 15:10, said:

Another bunch of made up tanks no thanks.


The T95E series of tanks are very real actually, unless you're one of those people that only counts tanks that actually saw combat as real.


We should have gotten a T95 line for the US tree years ago but WG would rather waste them on gimmicky reward tanks, we definitely don't need more HE guns though so only giving it the 105 option would be best.

_Jayzilla #5 Posted Jul 23 2019 - 18:12


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Good effort, but like many before you, this one will also likely fade into forum obscurity. 


A second American medium branch has been a pipe dream for years now.

SawUcomin #6 Posted Jul 23 2019 - 18:55


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New tech tree tanks are great as long as they are not going to feed the pool of premiums at tier 8

Having another derp gun(s) is also worrisome as we already have a tier 10 that pops for 1750 that have ridiculous pen at 275

These derp guns are rewarding players without the inclusion of tactics and skill.

Good post

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