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Three_Leo_Brethren #1 Posted Jul 26 2019 - 23:12


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Reflecting on the physics of this game, I think everyone can agree that at least some aspect of the model can change. While you can ram full speed into a building and take no damage at 0-80 kmh but tripping over a rock with a multi ton tank can erase chunks of hp doesn't exactly mesh. Heck, anyone who's played an ebr or lynx with rapid mode can tell you how glitched and bumper car like those vehicles are. You can land meters on rubber wheels and take no damage but somehow instantly die if you land slightly angled (still on the wheels though?). The physics have always taken big steps when they improve; however, I think some tweaks could really make a better player experience. I don't have all the answers, but maybe this thread could bring fourth some good ideas? I don't know, hopefully it will make the game better.



RIA1911 #2 Posted Jul 27 2019 - 01:02

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Well since they added stun to the mix of this game. Why not add stun to a crew for long drops off cliffs or big jumps. even add it to ramming above certain speeds, hell some of the stuff we see tanks do in this game, the crews would really be hurting. This would mainly affect lights and wheelies so I'm sure this wouldn't be popular


Just a thought i get sometimes when you see a wheelie spinning in mid air and still firing or when you see a big jump or a full speed ram into a large rock and flip over it .



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