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Fuel point lost because of server crash

fuel homefront server crash

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TabarMiche #1 Posted Jul 28 2019 - 22:18


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Hello, because of the crash which happened a few hours ago, I've lost a fuel point (the game crash in the middle of an homefront game)

Have you something smart to give back what is lost ? because apparently the bots won :)

heavymetal1967 #2 Posted Jul 28 2019 - 22:24


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Pretty sure you don't/didn't get any points period.   Even with a loss you get some points.


I was kicked while in HF and my progress bar looked the same when I logged back into the game.


So a do-over can seems appropriate. 


Then there's the tourney folks to consider too.


Omega_Weapon #3 Posted Jul 29 2019 - 00:07


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I feel your pain OP. I lost 3 cans of fuel because I kept getting stuck on the homefront loading screen for the entire battle. Turned out to be corrupted files for the update. Still waiting to hear back if my fuel will be refunded.

blagger #4 Posted Jul 29 2019 - 00:55


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just another well made addon by wargaming. BTW happened to me but I find this mode boring and pointless so im kinder glad it kicked me out it made my mind to stop playing it any more. I hope they fix it for u all tho very annoying for those of u that have been grinding it out and even spending gold on it.

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