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Missions involving stun

arty nerf stun mechanic campaign missions adjusted values

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Almighty_Johnson #1 Posted Jul 29 2019 - 01:21


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WG really needs to adjust the values for these missions.  They seem to have a gigantic hard-on for nerfing Arty over and over, but then leave moronic mission conditions in play requiring stuns when it takes sacrificing a goat, 3 chickens, and a midget to R-N-Jeesus to even come close.

Either give us back some smack, or adjust/remove the stun requirements for these missions.  It's bad enough you have forced us to grind an entire line of vehicles that are abysmally bad just to get past a campaign mission.  (Specifically talking about Union 8 of the Excalibur campaign)

YANKEE137 #2 Posted Jul 29 2019 - 01:28


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ItzRocket #3 Posted Jul 29 2019 - 01:39


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I agree that they need adjusted, its not so much the stun time thats bad its the getting your team to kill the 2 things after you stun it (Alliance 6 for the Chimera) I bought they m40/m43 back in my quest of the 279e cause thats a broken tank, anyway closest I got on stun time was 140 seconds and my team killed 1 of the things I stunned/tracked, meanwhile I can do the 4k damage missions for the bloc set and the 3k damage mission in 3 consecutive games, Im not a bad player so please stop making me have to play arty (also union12 with 180 secs of stun XD probably gonna have to use orders to skip) Honestly it says you get potential stun time so you should get the stun you would have gotten on someone even if you kill them tbh, it sucks that it adds 0 stun time for that.

Copacetic #4 Posted Jul 29 2019 - 17:13


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How about remove them I detest playing artillary

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