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Premium Account Cost

Premium World of tanks

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iway #41 Posted Aug 01 2019 - 22:38


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prem time is more about do u want to lessen the grind and get credits easier, if your used to a free account and can play with the grind and still earn enough credits. then the prem time is not worth it. 

BadCorps #42 Posted Aug 02 2019 - 00:04

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Or better yet.


Don't buy anything.


Math to prove:


$x (your budget)

- $0 w/ no purchase





SporkBoy #43 Posted Aug 02 2019 - 02:30


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$10 a month compared to Starbucks every other day. Can't think of anything you could do without to save $10 a month?

Heck, switching from one expensive loaf of bread to a similar loaf can save $2 and we go through a lot of bread in a month.

I saved a ton of money by switching to GEICO!

I did my own brakes (rotor, calipers and pads) and saved hundreds of dollars.

I dropped our curbside garbage service and now just take a couple cans to the local dump once a month and save $45.

Switched the kids cellphones from Verizon to Truephone and save $50 a month and get an extra phone out of the deal.

I cut my he kids hair instead of taking them to the barber/stylist and save about $30 a month.

I could go on. I'm not cheap I'm frugal and Scottish.

maddogatc #44 Posted Aug 02 2019 - 15:25

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View PostMajorRenegade, on Jul 31 2019 - 13:21, said:

wait till New year eve or black Friday. a year premium often go on sale for half off

Don't hold your breath for 50% off. I think it only happened once (NA) and that was Black Friday about three years ago. Never seen in that low since. Last 360 days of premium I got was 30% off with coupon.

Duck_Dodgers24 #45 Posted Aug 02 2019 - 18:11


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View PostVitamine_D, on Jul 31 2019 - 18:57, said:

I've been thinking of becoming a premium member after playing for 3 years on a free account. After looking at the prices on the store I can't say I'd be willing to pay that much given how much content the game has compared to other games with monthly sub fees. What's everyone else's opinion on the price?

Here is some data on the cost in CAD $:


360 days = 121.58 not even a full year ($123.27 for 365 days )


                 = $10.13  per month 


180 days = 72.44 


                 = $12.10 per month


I won't do the rest of the options as obviously they get more expensive per month.


Compared to other monthly sub fees games that offer more content such as Runescape at ~$8 a month, FFXIV at ~$13 a month and WoW at ~$15 a month I find it hard to find a reason to become a premium member. 


In my case I only play world of tanks and do not play any other wargaming title so the argument that the premium account caries over to the other titles does not apply to me.


What are your thoughts? 


​OP...you asked for opinions and have argued against everyone who said premium was worth it.  Clearly you don't think it is worth it and don't want to buy it.


So buy it or don't buy it.  In the end, we don't give a fig either way.

Trakks #46 Posted Aug 02 2019 - 20:59

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More XP and more credits makes it worth it. Sometimes you get early access to vehicles in the premium shop that free members have to wait for. The recent Bretagne Panther is a good example. You had to have a premium account or you wouldn't even be able to see it when you opened the premium shop in your browser. WG will also occasionally slip you a coupon to encourage you to buy a new premium tank. I've had coupons show up for no apparent reason so it must be because of my premium account status. I wasn't competing in any events and it sure wasn't for my gameplay, so I have no other explanation for why I was getting them. I've also seen offers in the premium shop where it would say something like "Available for you:1" and be for a very short time but those offers would not appear if I wasn't logged in.  

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