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I only play Homefront for the camo.

Homefront Camouflage

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ez_money #21 Posted Aug 02 2019 - 18:29


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View Postvinnybagadonuts, on Aug 01 2019 - 23:41, said:

for those that were turned off by the crappy MM....its gotten way way easier since the patch even if you are stuck in a +/- 2 tier match all are easily winnable now.


should be a no brainer to get at least 1 set of purple equipment even if you barely try.

I was wondering about this. At first I couldn't win a battle to save my life. Now I am winning pretty much 4 out 5, and that has all been playing solo on random pub teams. I don't know if the AI bots got "dumber" or if the payers are just getting that much better after playing this mode for a while.

makalu2k6 #22 Posted Aug 02 2019 - 20:44

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Got the improved rammer this morning. going to get the 3 other camos tomorrow and call it for good. 

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