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Poor Physics

Bad Physics Poor Tank Flip Upside Down Onside

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CraterBait #1 Posted Aug 01 2019 - 18:49


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I kinda understand why War Gaming wanted a tank to be able to end up on it's side or upside down, because that might actually happen. Why though did they make it something that can so easily happen? We all understand that this WoT is just a game... but the game is often ruined for a player for no valid reason, myself included. How is it the one can rotate a hull close to the rock or wall and the tank will simply flip on its side. Sometimes you can see it is going to happen and stop only driving only to discover that magic physics takes over. It can seem like you have so much momentum that your tank continues to climb the wall or rock unassisted buy anything at all. Yes you guessed it, on your side. This would be fine if the was a repair for this... what? you say, that would be unrealistic! You mean unrealistic in the same way your tank magically flipped on it's side in the first place? Or do you mean unrealistic like the fact you can instantly repair your tracks, turret, gun, engine with the push of a button? Or magically heal an injured crew member with the push of another button?


As there is a magic repair for tanks and heal crew. Why isn't there an option that cant return a tanks to it's tracks? That way War Gaming would not actually have to fix their broken physics, they could give you a regenerating ability to right your tank? There is such ability to magically repair broken tanks and magically heal injured crew.


Come on War Gaming, what about it. Can we have another magic button?

GenPanzer #2 Posted Aug 01 2019 - 19:02


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They gave you 4 magic buttons to prevent you from flipping; W,A,S, and D.


I can count the times I flipped on one hand. Drive better. Control your vehicle better. This is a non-issue, imo.

Fairline360 #3 Posted Aug 01 2019 - 19:15

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drive kart tanks

RHeadshot #4 Posted Aug 01 2019 - 19:21


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View PostFairline360, on Aug 01 2019 - 19:15, said:

drive kart tanks

Yeah, the ones most likely to do it can't.  Brilliant thinking from people who don't play their own game.

RIA1911 #5 Posted Aug 01 2019 - 20:43

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The other day i was driving the Cromwell, and 4 or 5 times , when i barely touched a small rock or even hit a small bump the front end shot straight up into the air, 90 degrees. At least i came right back down, no flipping. Sad thing was all this happened below 25 kph. My son somehow flipped a KV-1 in an open field.


The high speed tanks that should be paying some sort of penalty because of their acrobatics seem to suffer no problems though. This game is more arcade now that it ever has been.


They really should adjust some of this , hurts game enjoyment . I think added a stun time for some of this over the top acrobatics could correct some of this, but only a few seconds for balance.

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SawUcomin #6 Posted Aug 01 2019 - 20:45

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I don't think you are playing the same game as the rest of us!

If anything they don't tip over when they actually should and defy the laws of gravity far too often.

I'm amazed that War Gaming has let this go on as long as they have when it comes to the "self righting physics that 

they have bestowed upon so many of the medium and especially light tanks where as the heavies reap unexplained damage for far subtler events.

Even the physics in snow for wheelies is unrealistic and they should slide around  and spin a lot more due to inertia when they start, stop and turn.



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