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Community Leagues (Reset Every 3 Months)

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zxsteel #1 Posted Aug 02 2019 - 23:29


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Hello, community,


I think it's time we had an official league with teams and more. Not for season events but always ongoing league for teams and players to play on for 3 months' time. During this time players should be able to take park in both official and none official leagues. Anyone should be able to challenge another team once a week for points, have players being able to request unofficial tournaments along with set official ones. Allowing teams to bet gold. Etc Etc. Again this is a much longer event and not based on season games. 

ItzRocket #2 Posted Aug 03 2019 - 00:52


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You know they used to have Gold, Silver and Bronze league aswell as a community league, WG dropped them cause they couldnt support them and it was basically the same people in gold league over and over cause noone wanted to put the time and effort in to get to gold like the people who were already in gold league. Without an influx of new players and a dying base it stands clear that League wasnt gonna survive which sucks cause I loved doing league. I FULLY support a comeback for League Play but I dont see it happening until it the game has server roaming.

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