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Wargaming 21st Anniversary Community Challenge

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Arima_Arisaka #1 Posted Aug 08 2019 - 12:27


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WOT-21A-CCSmall2.PNGWargaming 21st Anniversary Community Challenge


Make a Sprite Sheet of a Tank or Armored Car that complies to this Absolute Ruleset:

1. The Visual Perspective of the Sprites is 2.5D (also known as Three-quarter and pseudo-3D).
2. The Color Palette Standard is 16-bits or 16-colors only.
-Bonus points for using as few colors as possible.
3. The Canvas size is ONLY 24-pixels (24H x 24W).
4. The Sprite Sheet has to cover all four Compass Directions. (North, West, South, East)
5. The Sprite Sheet has to have four frames of animation for every direction.
6. More Bonus Points: Make the same sprite again using a SMALLER canvas that is only 16 pixels (16H x 16W).


Sprite Artists of the World of Tanks community, now is the time to rise up to the challenge and demonstrate your skill and love for this game to the world.

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