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Tank engine sounds

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HeavySixer #1 Posted Sep 24 2011 - 03:52


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While the World of Tanks creators ( You Guys) have done an excellent job with the visual tank detail and weapon damage ,there should also be auditory detail in the engine sounds department.  I notice that there are basically 5 engine sounds that are interchangeably used for German, American and Soviet tanks. For example, I know that everyone gets chills when hearing a Maybach 234 V-12 engine from the Tiger and Panther tanks on youtube, such as those filmed at the the Samur tank Museum in France.  I would also like to hear the Ford GAF/N (Sherman,T95 TD, etc) and the Russian VK diesel (T-34,KV,etc).  Being rational, I Know it is also probably impossible to recreate sounds from vehicles such as the MS1, Leichtractor, H35 etc. A suggestion maybe would be a enhanced engine sound mod or something of this sort for the most 8-10 well known tanks of WWII (Those that everyone says is their favorite and not in any order).  I don't know how difficult it would be to recreate even the most popular engines, but I would like to be able to say if this could happen that it sounds darn close to a Maybach V12 or a GAF V8.

USMarine #2 Posted Sep 24 2011 - 04:01


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Pleco #3 Posted Sep 24 2011 - 04:09


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Whats farcical to me is...

A lot of American tanks had radial, aircraft engines, like the Sherman, to name but one...

Instead, the current Sherman engine sounds like (in fact all the engines in the game sound the same to me) the diesel engine on the bus you ride to the shopping mall etc...

not very tank-ish at all.

I see this time and time again with many games, not just this one. And quite frankly Sixer, we're flogging a dead horse with this one, but Im gonna back you up all the same...

No matter which game, the dev's place too much importance on eye-candy graphics that half the world doesnt have the equipment to run to full potential anyway, and they always, always treat the sound as an afterthought.

Computer games are a multimedia experience devs...  When are you gonna realise that sound matters just as much as graphics?

Schplaatter #4 Posted Sep 24 2011 - 05:54


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It definatley makes sense to me. If you're going to spend so much time getting it looking right, then why not get them sounding right too? Gun sounds should be changed too. I'm pretty sure that the sound a 37mm gun makes is increadibly different from the noise of an 88.

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