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BTB (Bring The Boom) Recruiting

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SgtRock52 #1 Posted Aug 14 2019 - 18:13

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BTB is now recruiting those tankers who may feel left out by the ELITIST of those clans asking for ridiculous win rates, WN8 and PR.


We feel if you have a 3500 PR we can train you up the rest of the way. We would like however for you to have at least 2 T10 Tanks that are not ARTY so we can train up and do Advanaces/Global Map.


We are on the NA server and currently are doing T8 Strongholds on Wednesday and Thursday. Come on by if you would like to take the clan for a test drive.


We offer up to 2500 gold to Clan Members that attend the most Strongholds for a given month, in addition to also giving out the occasional Tanks etc..


Most of all WE HAVE FUN!!! and like to think we do the fundamentals well.


We have experts that can help train you in TDs, Light Tanks, Heavies, ARTY and Mediums...we offer One on One training.


So come on by and help build up BTB...we dont want the Diamonds, we want Diamonds in the rough to develop and eventually win.

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