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Why the 60TP isnt more popular

dear god WG wgy

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View PostRC_1140, on Aug 21 2019 - 19:16, said:

Pretty much the E100 has better pen, and is worse in every other way. When sidescraping a Lowe has 56-80% chance of penning the E100's turret face (angled and unangled), but at most 70% chance on the 60tp if it snipes the turret ring when the 60tp fires, if it can't hit at that point it has 36% chance at most. 


I disagree that it is worse in every other way. The E100's upper plate doesn't have the adjustable driver hatch weak spot, which can be penned from practically any direction with premium. The 60TP also, has it's 70mm side plates when side scraping. Although, the 70mm plates are resistant to AP, and APCR, HEAT ammunition will punch right through it, unlike the E100, which is basically an impenetrable wall until the turret is turned to shoot.  


  We could probably mill this over for quite a well, but going back to the main thread question (Why isn't the 60TP more popular?). The 60TP may be superior to the E100 in some ways, but the gap in performance between the two tanks isn't big enough for the 60TP to fully knock the E100 off it's throne, such is why the 60TP isn't more popular. 


From a non-competitive stand point I would say the E100 is more popular simply, because it's down the Tiger line, so naturally if all the Tiger fans (if they stay with the game) will eventually have an E100. 

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