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Season 12 New Tank Locking Rule

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Strauberri #1 Posted Aug 15 2019 - 20:07


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Old Rule:

Say a clan removed their tank division from the land they own. And two clans drop on it or invade it. 

Old rule:  since their was no division, the winner from the 2 clans would take it without a fight no tank locking from the battle since it would be considered the final before the land owner battle which was passed on without a fight. 

New rule: The battle between the two clans are now considered the land owner battle and tanks will be locked out if they are destroyed, even tho both clans don't own the land and it have a owner. 


This have been confirmed from wargaming i sent a ticket in.



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H0D0R_ #2 Posted Aug 15 2019 - 20:26


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I think locking is fair since you are at the deciding point for who will own the land next.

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