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Best passive scouts by tier?

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vanader #1 Posted Aug 17 2019 - 01:53


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Wanting to do the not so glamorous job of passive scout for my team, being stealthy and spot. Really enjoying their at tier 1 with the loltracter with camp skill and recon. What’s the best way to build the best by tier. 

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Prussian12 #2 Posted Aug 17 2019 - 02:06

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I don't really play tier 2-3, so I wouldn't know, but here's my opinion.


Tier 4: Panzer38nA

Tier 5: ELC AMX (AMX ELC bis)

Tier 6: AMX 12t or Type 64

Tier 7: AMX 13 75 or AMX 13 57

Tier 8: WZ-132 or Batchat 12t

Tier 9: WZ-132A or AMX 13 90

Tier 10: T100 LT or AMX 13 105


I don't really know about german light tanks, but I don't really think they're that great at passive scouting. American lines are more active scouting same with Russian tanks. I know that Chinese and French lights have decent camo and view range, but I'm not an expert. 


I haven't seen enough British Light tanks to make a judgement call. 

ArmorStorm #3 Posted Aug 17 2019 - 02:44


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Just go up the Russian line.  They can all passive spot, the Russians (or French if you want autoloaders) are better fighters when you need to mix it up. 

snailcrusher #4 Posted Aug 17 2019 - 05:28


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Hi Vanader,



I have the Premium American Tier 3, M22 Locust and the German Tier 3, Pz1C. 

The Locust is a very fast light tank.  Has an accurate gun, but it is hard to penetrate unless you use premium ammo.  There are a couple of problems with it.   Amour is weak and The German Tier 3, Pz 1 C is faster.  If there is a Pz 1C on your team it will get to the best spotting locations before you do.

Premium ammo for the Pz1C is very expensive.  If you use it you will probably lose credits for the game.  The Pz1C does not have good accuracy at distance, but has better armour than the Locust.

If you are going to do scouting be sure to train your entire crew with Camo, get camo on the tank hull, and use Bincos, or Coated Optics, and Vents.

Not all maps are good spotting maps.  Especially city maps.  It seems like everytime I try to complete a spotting mission, I constantly get city maps.

Stay away from the Russian Premium T-45.  It is way too slow

3bagsfull #5 Posted Aug 17 2019 - 06:39

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Tier III and IV are both German.  

Tier III = T 15 (premium)

Tier IV = Pz 38 (t) n.A.


You can play that n.A. crew in the T 15 as they have an identical 1:1 crew match layout.    Means you skill up that crew faster, which means they get even better at that role quicker.


Trakks #6 Posted Aug 23 2019 - 10:44

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You can determine this for yourself by comparing the view range and camo values with the in game comparison tool. I would value view range slightly more than camo since longer view range gives you more time to run away before they see you if there are too many enemies advancing on your position making it untenable to stay there. 

zalrod #7 Posted Aug 24 2019 - 19:46


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Give the tier 4 Chinese light a try. Great mobility to get you to the spot you want to go to, decent camo (even better with the camo net and a paint job), good view range (with bino’s), and a gun capable of dealing with tier 6, if you can flank (and with its speed, you can quite often).

Ken_McGuire #8 Posted Aug 25 2019 - 00:37


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I agree that the Chinese M5A1 is a very good tank at tier 4. But the question wasn't what was the best tank - or even best Light Tank at each tier. It was rather what is the best passive scout at each tier.


As Trakks said, the two factors that matter the most for this are View Range and Camo. Going to tanks.gg and looking at view range at each tier, I see the following...


1) LOLtraktor has best view range by 20m. #2 is the Swedish shoe. I see no reason not to go with the LOLtraktor - other than I don't want to play tier 1.

2) Pz 38H has best view range by 10m, but its lack of mobility would make it hard to really be consistent in this role. Honestly, there doesn't seem to be a tank that really sticks out. Personally I would go with a premium that lets me bring an experienced crew, but there are multiple options with 320m view range. You can throw them in the in game comparison to see what has the best base camo, but I am sure many can work.

3) Skoda T-15 (German Premium) has the reputation for this. It is #3 in view range, but the FCM36Pak40 is way too slow to generally be effective, and the T2 Medium would be too tall to have decent camo. It looks like the Pz 1c would also be good, but with only 2 crew members it would be quite hard to get all the skills you want to maximize camo and view range.

4) Pz 38 na has the best view range by 10m, with the US M5 Stuart and German Luchs being right behind. The 38na has good camo for the tier as well.

5) ELC has best camo of the tier 5 LT's, and shares in the best view range for them. That said, the Shermans and Wolverines have better base view range.



All of this said, while knowing how to passive scout is a good tool to have, it is a very situational one. Good players know when to use it - and when to use other tools in light tanks, like active scouting ridge lines or using their gun to put a few shots into a distracted enemy. Honestly I would say those things are more important in most games than having the "best" tank at tier set up for passive scouting and actually passive scouting in the best locations.

the_Deadly_Bulb #9 Posted Aug 25 2019 - 03:57


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The EVEN 90 at T-VIII is a very good stealth scout.

If it was any smaller it'd be invisible.


Just be warned its not really quick, just really hard to spot.

OK gun with a 3 shot clip and good depression. 

Turret by WALL-E

SquishySupreme #10 Posted Aug 25 2019 - 12:29

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A few TDs and mediums also make excellent passive scouts due to their outrageous camo values.  You technically don't have to be much more than small and stealthy to passive scout.

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