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The 'grind' seems silly

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MissCreant #21 Posted Aug 22 2019 - 22:24


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dunniteowl, aren't you the smartest little thing!

dunniteowl #22 Posted Aug 23 2019 - 00:28


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I work at it.






Ken_McGuire #23 Posted Aug 24 2019 - 04:35


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View PostSilversound, on Aug 20 2019 - 21:25, said:

We have long ago forgotten the pain.

MissCreant: 918 Battles


Ken_McGuire: 31,000 Battles

Ours is a different kind of suffering:

"WTH is that guy doing. He's dead in 5..4..3..2..Boom.

Awe eff this team, four dead in less than sixty seconds.

Why did I even log on today?"


I would have to admit that it has been quite a long time since I was at 900 battles, and my memory of that time is not fresh. I would even admit that many things have changed in the new player experience since I went through it.


But I have recently seen a new player just getting their first tier 5's on stream - not being able to afford even a 75% crew nor any permanent equipment for it. So I got to see him run around in a stock M7 with a 50% crew and no optics. I saw what an incredible handicap this is. Yes, it would not have been as bad if the player had planned a bit better.


But even in that case, I think it would be better in the long run to play even with those handicaps at tier 5 for a while to build up their silver so they have more options, while also learning the game better. And so when the OP asked about the crew training grind asking if it got better, I felt like I could accurately say that, yes, it gets better. It can still certainly be a grind. But it DOES get better.

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