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Proper 4K support deserved for paying customers

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EmperorJuliusCaesar #1 Posted Aug 19 2019 - 03:35


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As the price of 4k capable graphic cards etc has come down, many would like/enjoy proper 4k support.


Think about it, those that are spending the most on your game are likely also the same people gaming at 4k resolution.


The in-game options are atrocious.  Auto(which doesn't work), 1x or 2x.  1x makes chat unreadable, names etc.  2x makes the game scaled to 1080 and I don't know how anyone plays it as such.


With Aslains we can get 1.4x which is perfect imo.  Those that are gaming in 1440(not 1080) will know the scaling I'm talking about.  Everything is perfectly sized. 

Using Aslains UI scaling doesn't fix everything however.  The names over tank etc aren't scaled, the mouse wheel thing is messed up etc.


Any tips from other 4k WoT gamers????

PAP0 #2 Posted Aug 19 2019 - 03:54


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Platedmeat #3 Posted Aug 19 2019 - 05:07

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