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I would have purchased the T-27 but ...

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Spyritwind #1 Posted Aug 19 2019 - 21:39


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If there had been a package that included the all female BIA crew I would have purchased the T-27. 


As a new player that is still learning and didn't have a 4 or 5 skill crew to drop in to a tier 8 tank that would face tier 9's and 10's I wasn't confident I'd be able to complete all the missions for the festival with the T-27.


Ironically much to my surprise I did manage to finish all ten missions with other vehicles.  ><  If only that had counted.  :(


For me the tank was interesting, with a great paint job even though everyone says the Lorraine and Progetto are better; if I could have guaranteed the all female BIA crew I would have purchased it as an introduction to auto loaders for me.


I realize that for most people that have played this game for years it may have been a walk in the par, but hiding this special crew behind a skill cap (missions) at tier 8 with a new crew is rough for new players.  

GenPanzer #2 Posted Aug 19 2019 - 21:55


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Not all events are for everyone.

nasfan #3 Posted Aug 19 2019 - 21:55

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I thought the T-27 was a pretty decent tank.  Finished the 10th mission and got all of the crew members and various other goodies.  I already have the TVP 50/51 with a better crew, so it looks like the Skoda T-50 will be re-purchased soon, and I'll just put the 4 ladies in there.

PapioTitan #4 Posted Aug 19 2019 - 22:02

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I almost bought it last night when I unexpectedly finished all missions. With 20% coupon its around $34 so not bad at all. After watching several reviews of it, it really doesn't provide much, if anything, over the Progetto or Pantera which I own. I'm passing on it. 

Zup77 #5 Posted Aug 19 2019 - 22:13

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If you finished the 10 day requirements even without the T 27, you now 30 Czech National Blueprint fragments and 90 universal blueprints so you can more rapidly grind through the line and get to some pretty fun tanks.

Pipinghot #6 Posted Aug 19 2019 - 23:33


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View PostSpyritwind, on Aug 19 2019 - 15:39, said:

As a new player that is still learning

That makes sense, it happens in every game.


I'm going through the same thing right now in a different game. I'm still new, and they're having a Summer Event that I can't complete because I'm new. That's just how it goes, some events are for everyone and some are not.

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