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Frontline crashing

frontline sucks

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JONDIESATTHEEND #1 Posted Aug 23 2019 - 08:55

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Has anybody received compensation for frontline crashing? It hit 7 on my team tonight including me. This is very frustrating because I was running the frontline booster and credit booster. Instead of making 2 or 3 hundred thousand I lost 35,000. I also only have certain times I can play and now I am weary of playing late at night. Maybe instead of making new modes fix the ones you have. It is also odd that it seems to happen more late at night during light traffic. To submit a ticket they want me to download some report and I am not going to do it if all I get is the generic "You are the problem" they usually give you on this type of stuff.

Jjrunewiz_Fighter #2 Posted Aug 23 2019 - 09:06


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im in the complete exact same boat as you are, i submitted the ticket and they want me to run this check tool as well and thats all the keep saying for me to do

Cpt_RetLok #3 Posted Aug 23 2019 - 09:09


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I play Vanilla, and between 3am-4am est I crashed out in 2 battles were i was capt. with roughly 8k combined damage.. when i got back from the crash my tanks were still in battle and once they completed, i got nothing... rank private, no creds no rank exp nothing but a wasted FL booster..


MetalMatrix #4 Posted Aug 23 2019 - 09:18

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Same thing but at least I was not running boosters, but because of this I was unable to level up to 30 and move to the next prestige.

Sink_Stuff #5 Posted Aug 23 2019 - 09:24


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Yep booted me as well tonight. Worse even was that it kept hanging in game and driving me into walls, down hills, etc. unplayable because half the people bailed on the battle after so many crashes. 

the_Deadly_Bulb #6 Posted Aug 23 2019 - 09:27


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Got sent for a lag time out twice this evening.

Things start to get twitchy then I would have a couple short lag stutters where you hear your tank going full speed but nothing is moving, then there'd be a final one that would lock the entire client up and require a hard reboot of my PC to escape. The esc key not alt tab would do anything .

Log back in and find my tank wrecked once and up against a rock the other time, with the game near over due to so many players also being out.


After the first one I went in on Safe Mode, still happened in exactly the same manner.

Stutter once, twice, hard jammer until the sound quits then stare at the frozen scene until you hard reboot.



Been OK until tonight.

oldewolfe #7 Posted Aug 23 2019 - 10:28


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That's 2 Days now it's Locked Up at 3:30-3:40am Eastern....       I did another Video of it this AM, 3 actually...       But I was so Annoyed I didn't Save the Replay to WoT Replays this time, wasn't Thinking....


As before, I'm not worried about being Comp'd, especially since this time it actually Paid Out the XP and Credits unlike the last time....      I just want WGNA to be aware their Server is Sub Par and needs Help and that the "Central" Server, while Logistically Sound, may have not been a Great Idea and too Hastely Implemented.....      Seems they needed more Testing of the Hardware.....


I mean it works Ok for Pub's and the Lighter Load, not Perfect, but OK...     But Frontline and the latest Events are Highly Taxing and it just doesn't seem Up to the Task....

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