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Need help. Modded skin looks fine in garage but changes changes appearance in battle.

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Panzer_of_the_Lake #1 Posted Aug 25 2019 - 07:06


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I made a custom skin for the P40/26 by changing the SD and HD AM files. The tank looks as intended when in the garage.

However when I go into a match the tank's color gets all messed up.





These are the files currently in my res_mods folder and the specific files that were modded.

I really want to fix this because there really is no point in having custom skins if I can't see them in battle. Any help is appreciated.


__Aim #2 Posted Aug 25 2019 - 08:24


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I used to use Custom Skins until I forgot I had them on, and I was shooting a cupola that wasn't even on the tank, it was just the skin. I know that's not your question, just a statement. When I had the EBR 105 skin, the wheels glowed everygame.

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Thalarinzar #3 Posted Sep 06 2019 - 04:22


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I had the same issue, and here is how you fix it:


Delete the non-HD texture, and rename your HD texture into normal ones.

For example:

P26_40_chassis_01_AM, and P26_40_chassis_01_AM_hd.


At least it worked for me. Hope it works for you.



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