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Tank Controls Stop Working in Battles

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Code_Smith #1 Posted Aug 26 2019 - 00:56


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On Sat. Aug. 24 2019 my WOT app was updated. Since then I've been experiencing a bug that randomly occurs. I no longer control my tank. I can send chat messages, and the other players seem unaffected, but my tank simply won't respond. Sometimes the turret begins to snap back and forth on its own. Eventually, I can take control of my tank...if I've survived the battle. It doesn't seem to occur a second time.

I thought the issue may be related to the new Windows10 "Focus Assist" notifications that were automatically enabled by Microsoft because I was suspicious of how the WOT bug occurred after a notification. So I disabled all notifications, but the bug persists.

Twice I have completely uninstalled WOT and reinstalled. I also reduced WOT graphics thinking that maybe the bug is related to a framerate issue. But no joy. :<


Attached is a replay showing an example of the bug, which occurs around time12:40 of the countdown.


Thank you for your time,



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RHeadshot #2 Posted Aug 26 2019 - 01:10


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I bet if you check your ping it will be red and you are lagging.  The turret snapping back and forth sounds like what I see when my computer stops communicating with the server briefly.

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MagillaGuerilla #3 Posted Aug 26 2019 - 01:11


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That's usually internet/packet loss issues.

Projectile_Misfired #4 Posted Aug 26 2019 - 02:21


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Restart your router and modem.

Also, contact your ISP and tell them to stop throttling your data.....f'ing Net Neutrality.

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