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Referral Program - Options for Premiums

Referral Program Premiums

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TurboTwinky28 #1 Posted Sep 01 2019 - 19:05


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So I'm in the referral program with a friend and all is well, just under 150 points away from completing stage 3 with just over a month to spare and we were both wondering if we can get some clarification on how the list of premiums can be refreshed? I say this because I was looking at the official video explaining the 2.0 Referral Program and it mentioned that the list of premiums refreshes, but we aren't sure after how long and under what conditions. From what I'm interpreting It refreshes after 4 months during new contract periods, correct?


For us, the premiums offered aren't exciting, not fantastic but not horrible choices, and we'll take the free premiums from the list as it already is. It's just that if there's a chance for a refreshed list of prize tanks, we'll take that choice

mlinke #2 Posted Sep 01 2019 - 20:27


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You can not. Not at all. To make things worse when you do not even get all those tanks stated to choose from. You will see when you finish. 

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