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"Luchs. Help me!"

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claven033 #1 Posted Sep 01 2019 - 23:04


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I'm learning to play light tanks.  I have a Pz I and a Luchs that I play. Upgraded optics etc to increase spotting range.  I *thought* my job was to go forward, be stealthy, and spot targets for teammates (passive scouting).  Being stealth means no shooting and not moving (much) right? Yet I often see chat messages like "Help me Luchs!" If I move  to engage, I get spotted.  

When a teammate says that, what should I do? Abandon spotting position and try to help? And is there a trick to seeing (quickly) who is asking for help?


Related question. When I'm forward spotting, do I need to scan potential hiding places with zoom to identify targets or will they be located as  they move/fire?

Vulcan_Spectre #2 Posted Sep 01 2019 - 23:23


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Try to help, the more friend you have the more hp your team has the harder it is for them to win

Ironclad73 #3 Posted Sep 02 2019 - 00:04


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What you are doing is passive spotting, the Luchs is better for spotting enemies on the move and tearing them up with it's autoloader.

There are a lot of scouting videos out there for both passive and active scouting. Search for 4tankers and a dog's scouting videos, they are very good.

Halfneck #4 Posted Sep 02 2019 - 00:36


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Majority of Luch players swoop in, open fire while circling the target, then run off while reloading.

claven033 #5 Posted Sep 02 2019 - 01:21


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Yes. I've experienced that unpleasantness when playing as an SPG.  Thanks for comments and advice.

dont_ping_me #6 Posted Sep 02 2019 - 01:57


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90% of time anything that a team mate suggests is wrong. I'm not saying that to be facetious or mean, its just something that I have learned the hard way. I will always try to analyze what the team mate is saying and why he is saying it, but I rarely think it is a good idea to act on it. At one time I nearly always would act on the comments, and most of those times it ended badly.

CavAg #7 Posted Sep 02 2019 - 12:50


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1.  "When a teammate says that (help), what should I do? Abandon spotting position and try to help?" - It depends.  If you're lighting targets and getting damage assist, thereby helping your team, then probably not.  If you're not of any use in your spotting location, then maybe go help, unless the teammate got himself into a bad situation.


2.  "And is there a trick to seeing (quickly) who is asking for help?" - Just look in the chat to see who requested help.


3.  "When I'm forward spotting, do I need to scan potential hiding places with zoom to identify targets or will they be located as  they move/fire?" - You don't need to scam.  You will detect them if they move, fire, or drive out of cover.


Also remember this:  Your teammates don't care what you're doing and will berate you for spotting or not "helping them."  I won't say to always ignore teammates, but most of them don't know what they're doing themselves.


snailcrusher #8 Posted Sep 02 2019 - 15:22


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Very often, 1 second after spawn, someone is always signaling SOS.

3nr0n #9 Posted Sep 02 2019 - 19:30


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Passive spotting is good if there are team members who can and are engaging the spotted vehicle.  If you are in a position that doesn't have support and not spotting then relocate.  

As far as helping team members, if they have gotten themselves into a situation where you stand a good chance of dying if you try and help then let them die.  In the chat you can see who asked for help and on the screen there will be a SOS above the players head. 


Even tho it's a light tank with no armor the Luch is deadly in close quarters when you can ambush the enemy fire your clip then run away to safety.  The longer you stay alive the deadlier you are.  End game look for tanks with low HP that you can clip out.  Those who are alone and low HP are the targets you want to engage.  If you can stay near friendlies who can engage the enemy while you are reloading/spotting.


Cammo skills and spotting  skills are you best friend.


Try running optics and binos along with vents. 

MrBeetleBumEntertainment #10 Posted Sep 02 2019 - 23:46


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you dont always get spotted when you move because lights have passive concealment meaning you get camo even when you move



BUNNYHUGGERI #11 Posted Sep 03 2019 - 14:58

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The Luchs AND the Leopard are NOT scouts.  I did not even put camo on my Leopard till the 4th perk.  They are frontline combat tanks.  Let me explain.  With the 3cm gun you have a huge damage potential.  You also have really good speed and vision when you get the crew up on perks.  Use your speed and ability to flex...then dump a clip on someone and retreat fast.  These two LIGHT tanks are the only ones I have that I look forward to Himmelsdorf in.


The clip potential is amazing and the ability to flank in city's or maps with more open corridors is fantastic with these two tanks.  I also usually run optics AND binocs on all my lights.  It just makes them more versatile.  If you get to be top tier in either of these tanks it is almost cruel in what you can do with them.


Don't believe me...look at my stats in them.  My leopard is my fav tank in the game.


If I am in game and you see me send a message...I will team with you because a pair of these monsters is something to see to believe.


Thank you for your consideration.

TankFullOfBourbon #12 Posted Sep 09 2019 - 15:27


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We are talking here about a lot of things.


  • What type of tank is the Luchs?
  • Passive scouting versus active scouting
  • What to do when team mates asks you for help


The Luchs is not a passive scout, it's an active scout. Bennyhuggeri thinks they are mediums and I dare say he is right. Sitting in a bush passively scouting is not playing the Luchs right.


However, you will find that a lot of players send out messages like "Follow me" and "Help me", etc. Generally speaking, like 4 times out of 5, it's someone less intelligent specie than yourself asking you to come and die with them. It's an invitation to disaster, the cry of help of a loony person. Yes, 20% of the time it may be sincere and a good player asking you but with such bad odds never risk it. 


Then there are all those players who like to tell you how you should play the game. If you are hiding in a bush passively scouting, they are telling you you should be actively scouting. If you actively scouting one flank, they tell you to scout the other flank. If you scouted non-stop for 4 minutes and lit up half the other team without getting any assisted damage and stop for a break, they curse you for not scouting anyone. If you're in a heavy, you are and idiot for not being where they are to save their sorry behinds. If you're in a medium, you are an idiot for nott following them in their insane suicide run down the flank or the middle. You will get PMs sent to you post-game telling you what a useless player your are for any of the above reasons and the loss was all your fault. Noone elses. Think about that for a minute. Let it sink in. All you do is wrong.


Of course it is not. Learn to play you tank right. Listen to experience players, team up with them. Follow good players on Youtube and learn from them. Then play the tank as you learned to play it at the best of your ability. At that point, when someone wants your help, assess the situation: "Is the need of this team mate worth changing your own game plan for?".


  • As a player you need to be flexible and change when the need is bigger somewhere else.
  • But is it? If you scouted one flank and the other light scouted the other and died - is there any reason why you should relocate from where you are now to go where the other light just died, because the TDs bushwhacking behind him now have nothing to shoot at?
  • Well, maybe there's a good reason because your flank is all dead - you have counted the whereabouts of all known enemy tanks on the map and concluded they are not on your flank, then by all means move. Make yourself useful somewhere else.
  • If you think there's still a lot of enemies in front of you and you're still going to help your team from where you are, then stay and ignore the chants for help, and the insults.


I played a game in my WZ-132A on Prokhorovka where I went to a very advanced position on the hill, where I spotted half of the other team. I sat still for 4-5 minutes and collected 3500 assisted damage, while the TDs on the 1-line cursed me for not scouting for them, especially one guy. Once the threat on the hill-side of the map was over, I relocated to the west and grabbed 1500 more assisted damage. I pointed it out to the guy who was cursing me the most and he contacted me post-game and apologised. These things happen. Play your tank right, follow your own reasoning, but be open for new ideas.

Brynar #13 Posted Sep 13 2019 - 18:28


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If you like to play passive scout, the Pz T15 (tier III premium) and the Pz38nA (tier IV) may better suit your needs. Don't expect much from the gun on the T15, it blows. The Pz38nA on the other hand can do a lot of damage if called upon. The Pz T15 can also be used as a crew trainer for your Luchs crew and earn the LT101-401 missions relatively quickly once you figure out where to go on each map. That said, as always, YMMV.

_C00KIE #14 Posted Sep 25 2019 - 20:07

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View PostBUNNYHUGGERI, on Sep 03 2019 - 06:58, said:

I did not even put camo on my Leopard till the 4th perk.


You're doing it wrong. Unless you're in a heavy, concealment should almost always be your first skill.


And while you're correct about the Luch's / Leopard's amazing damage potential, you're wrong in saying they're not scouts, but instead mediums. They are BOTH. 


The Luchs in particular has amazing base view range and concealment (which you retain on the move). Combine that with superior mobility and "Hammer of God" levels of pen and burst damage, and hot damn, you've got a winning combo.


Early game - do a quick spotting run (NEVER sui-scout), get some damage with quick pop-up shots.

Mid Game - WATCH YOUR MAP - look for opportunities to gang up on weaker enemy forces, use your burst to kill wounded tanks.

End Game - Use your vastly superior spotting and camo to finish off lone survivors. Profit.


The real key is to never stop moving, and always be thinking about your exit strategy AFTER you empty your mag. That reload is killer.


The one saving grace in that reload is that I've found that 95% of people will cower after taking several hot 3cm loads to the face, rather than doing the smart thing and pressing the attack while you're spent.

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