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Premium Ammunition Balancing - Solutions that keep everyone happy

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Shall we Balance premium ammunition in a way that keeps everyone happy?

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XxCrimson_TidexX #21 Posted Nov 28 2019 - 20:06


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Seems if you are going for a level playing field,then you would not end up in a battle two tiers down. I have not having any pen when you get a strategic position on the enemy, but you still cannot pen. Premium ammo for lower tiered tanks helps, but just a little. Maybe just one tier down, but two makes you cannon fodder. Or, maybe if you are top tier, no premium ammo. To me, it's just another tool, sometimes HE makes more sense.

BCR_Lt2 #22 Posted Nov 30 2019 - 10:04


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View Post4P1, on Sep 05 2019 - 03:17, said:

I vote for limiting the number of premium rds available per tank.

Someone mentioned that this wasn't doable because of the differing number of rounds stored. I wanted to point out that this isn't an issue. Have the number of "Gold" rounds set at 20 - 33% of the max load-out. The Turan III carries 32 rounds, 7-10 max gold Ammo, Ram II carries 92 rounds, 18-31 Max Gold ammo. Using a percentage wouldn't change the balance between the 2 tanks in the slightest. I personally carry less than 33% Gold ammo, and usually use HE is normal won't pen.

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