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A little help with game freezes

freezes crash

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Jasper_Seven #1 Posted Sep 06 2019 - 07:31

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Tonight I had three freeze ups - sound keeps running (loop) but image is frozen.  It has happened occasionally before over the last year maybe?

If I'm quick enough, I can kill the process, and restart and get back into battle in about 60-90 seconds. Most of the time, however, my tank has continued on out into the open, or something similar and is blown up.


I was worried that maybe it was my machine overheating, so I opened up the case and still got a crash.  I've got an i5 from a couple of years ago, GTX 970, I believe a Cool Master fan and "radiator" - and all fans appear to be running well.  Almost nothing is running in the back ground, except sometimes I've tabbed out of the lobby and will have Chrome opened to one of the WoT pages. And I keep the processes pretty lean with little memory excess use (i.e. I keep updaters and bloat ware off as best I can). Oh, and no mods. No changes in settings - pretty much maxed out, except for a couple of tweaks.


So, how often have you had freeze ups in a round in say the last 3 months?

I would say my average is almost 1 a week. (evenings and weekend play)


Any known issues? Any thoughts to test?



bad_73 #2 Posted Sep 06 2019 - 08:14

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This randomly happens to players all the time.You always have someone with problems every patch.Been thru it myself a few times.Sometimes a clean install using ccleaner and deleting the wg file in %appdata% will get you going.Sometimes just deleting the wg file will do it.Had one time where It was my vid driver but new ones wouldnt work and had to find an older one that did.Took 3 months to find a new driver that worked,but the older driver had no probs in that time.Good luck.

WIZD #3 Posted Sep 06 2019 - 08:45

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Not really on topic but I figured I'd point it out. There are some videos on YT of entire teams getting disconnected and one or two players have free rain. Pretty interesting vids.

Atragon #4 Posted Sep 06 2019 - 12:10


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Ditto this since the last frontline update.

ArmorStorm #5 Posted Sep 06 2019 - 13:40


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Monitor your temps while playing, if the CPU is high it could be the thermal paste.  Video drivers could be an issue as well.  Try lower setting for a bit and see if it makes a difference.  Does it happen during long sessions or just randomly?  Lots of things could cause this both in and out of WGs control. 


Personally, there were two specific patches where a large portion of players had crashes including me.  Other than those two incidents I don’t think I’ve crashed more than 3-4 times since 2011. 

NiteDog #6 Posted Sep 06 2019 - 14:24


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View PostArmorStorm, on Sep 06 2019 - 04:40, said:

Monitor your temps while playing, if the CPU is high it could be the thermal paste.  Video drivers could be an issue as well.  Try lower setting for a bit and see if it makes a difference. 

This. Also clean the heat sink.

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jimiray01 #7 Posted Sep 19 2019 - 10:12


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Happens to me between 0300 and 0400 Eastern time. Also, tonight my FPS was running about half the normal rate. Got to be a server issue. If I play during the day, when I get a day off from work that is, I'll get about 90 to 110 FPS. When the game is acting up, I'm lucky to get 40 to 50 FPS! wth??? :amazed:

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