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BeLiAL124 #1 Posted Sep 08 2019 - 02:50

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Hello all. I am looking for players to platoon with, I average around 62% WR solo so I would like to play with similar skill level platoon-mates.

I am usually online between 7-10PM M-F EDT. and anytime on the weekends.  If you are also looking for a new friend to play with add me to your friends list please.


Belial124 NA


fierronights #2 Posted Sep 09 2019 - 08:43


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Ill bump it, because i believe in you wanting to platoon. 


Who wants to join though? its so strange even asking random people. Apart of the social norm it seems desperate to post like this. Thats just the way people are. However when you find your platoon, its your platoon. 


Like a crew on a ship in star citizen, everyone has a role and the one who does that role best you know, as a person out of the billions of others out there. 

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