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Killing a platoon - and the chat aftermath

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Nooobinator #21 Posted Sep 13 2019 - 01:10


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View PostTankFullOfBourbon, on Sep 12 2019 - 15:48, said:

Hiya tankers.


One of my favorite things in WOT is killing a platoon. God knows I've been killed by platoons myself enough times in my days, so I do feel some wicked form of revenge when I do. I often imagine how the players contemplate after game how they were killed by the same bozo on the other team, feeling victimized. I get off on that - yes, I know it's silly but I am honest about it.


Normally I am quite respectful to other players. I PM enemy's and team mates who have done great games and congratulate them, and if I contact a team mate who has been really bad I generally offer help instead of insults. However, when I have killed a platoon I cannot help it but I contact both toon mates and heckle them a bit. I know it is childish but I like to rub it in a bit. I am not insulting, more like jeering. Most guys ignore it, some takes it on the chin, congrats me and tells me they will kill me next time, and it's all fine. But some get really offended and starts slinging back. That's fun too.


Today I killed a Lorr. 40t platoon at Pilsen and after the game I do what I do, and I tell them: "Sorry. I didn't target your fail platoon. You just got into my sights. Rofl.". One of them comes back right at me with insults telling me this is the second time I do it, and how much of a sad person I must be. Lol. What are the actual odds - I've killed his platoon twice. I totally crack up, laughing hysterically, obviously provoking him further. He tells me he wish I was a 13 year old girl because otherwise it would be really sad and I ask him why he wants himself and his toon mate to be killed twice by a 13 year old girl. Lol.


These are the things that make me look forward to the next time I play this game. People who can't handle that you rub it in a little extra are funny. Guys who call you a hax, aimbot cheater, and whatnot. It's lovely. Just wanted to share. I am signing out now - nothing will top this today. Laters.




Narcissistic as f*ck in just so many ways. 

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the_dude_76 #22 Posted Sep 13 2019 - 01:48


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View PostTankFullOfBourbon, on Sep 12 2019 - 15:12, said:

Don't think I want to get into the name and shame issues. I'll pass this time.


Yes, your shame should be plenty...


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