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Battle Score Summary Idea

Damage Battle Summary

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Kampfwagen_6 #1 Posted Sep 13 2019 - 16:21


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It would be helpful and informative and educational for the players if there was a "Team Summary Average Damage Number" for each battle.  Simple to compute for WOT prorgramers.


Since we lose about 50% of the battles It would make it more enjoyable for us to know what the whole team did and if our tank (at least) beat the team average damage.  :)

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Allf #2 Posted Sep 13 2019 - 16:36

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Its already easy enough to tell how you did in the Battle Results report... 

Ndtm #3 Posted Sep 13 2019 - 16:58


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Like mentioned, it's already easy to tell how you did by looking at the team tab of the battle results, but also, having a "team average" wouldn't really work, since 2k damage in one tank can be better/worse than 2k damage in another tank (mostly by what tier they're at) and then you come to things like light tanks which typically deal less damage in return for spotting damage, and then SPGs.. who get half exp for pretty much all the damage they do just because they're nowhere close to seeing(spotting) tanks on their own, so x amount of damage might look good but in terms of whether it was a "good game" .. :hiding: (but i suppose that last part with the spgs might not matter in this case /shrug)

dunniteowl #4 Posted Sep 13 2019 - 20:47


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I scan the Rusty Brown Report and I see me on the top six units of the team.  Nope, I did okay that time, but I probably could have done better.


I scan the Rusty Brown Report and I see me in the top spot?  I wonder, "What the hell happened to the rest of my team, I'm not that good?"


I scan the Sky Blue Report and see I am in the top five units -- I'm pretty happy and think about what I could have done better for next time.


I scan the Sky Blue Report and I see I am in the top spot?  I think, "Wow, I didn't think I was doing all that well.  I mean, I knew I was successful, but I was so busy I didn't notice I did all THAT."


I scan either the Sky Blue or Rusty Brown Report and see I am below that and I start thinking, "Okay, what did I screw up so badly?"


It doesn't matter what I think about my team, really, it won't change the outcomes.  You don't need to see an overall average.  Look from the bottom up and stop when you get to the first unit that does 100+ HP of damage.  What number are they?  Where do you stand?  How much more did the Top Three do to carry those below 100 HP?  Where are you in that?


You should be able to rough that out in your head in like, ten seconds at most.  It takes longer to read how you can than it takes to do it.




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