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Thank You Again WG

thank you

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Jasper_Seven #1 Posted Sep 16 2019 - 05:33

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It's time for my occasional Thank You to WG...


There's so much negativity and critique;  I need to express the thankful side of things also.


Since November I've probably had a more enjoyable time overall playing WoT than in all the previous years. (different than the newness excitement at the start)  A large part of that was all the credits as an average player I was able to make. And with those credits, I spent spent spent.  I now have equipment on my tanks like never before.


Thanks to Twitch Prime, I was able to try a rental tank, that I ended up purchasing with the discount. It became one of my favorite tanks to play.

I picked up a few other tanks too, because of the discounts.


I also took advantage of the blue print system, thanks again to tank rewards; and I'm trying three tank lines that I wasn't going down, because grinding horrible tanks is something I don't really want to bother with anymore. But, now I'm getting to experience a couple of different styles of play that I might not of otherwise done.


And with the personal reserves, and some of the reward crew members, I was able to get some reasonable skills in many of the tanks added to my collection.


I even picked up a reward camo or two, without too much effort. And decorated some of my favorite tanks with a couple of "stickers".

(I also like the marks of excellence.)

So, Thank You WG, for the positives that have occurred to make the core game more enjoyable for me and fun.


_Katyusha___ #2 Posted Sep 16 2019 - 06:18


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Yeah, sometimes i get mad with the game, but there is a lot to be thankful


-Thanks for the first and best MMO tank game

-Thanks for the Girls und Panzer collaboration mods, yeah i started playing this because of that, altough my brothers played it since before, game is much more fun with mods, you should do more collaborations (default voices are boring)

-Thanks for make it free, incluiding the starter codes for free premium tank, having a great tank like ChurchIII made me stay

-Thanks for the constant missions rewards that keeps boosting EXP, credits stock and garage slots

-Thanks for the fair currency conversion rate on premium shop

-Thanks for Tank Rewards (i only had skipped them twice, once when i started playing and not enough tanks to go for rewards, and this month, not worth the effort [IMO])

-Thanks for the Halloween and Christmas events and mini games

-Thanks for the in game events with great rewards like historical tanks and female crews

-Thanks for all the gift tanks and special camos

Mazati #3 Posted Sep 16 2019 - 06:38

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Thumbs up WG Thxs for everything 8)

nuclearguy931 #4 Posted Sep 16 2019 - 07:25


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They must be doing something right or I wouldn't be playing this game for 8+ years now.

AverageWannabe #5 Posted Sep 16 2019 - 14:29


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thanks for putting out the only computer game I've wanted to play in my entire life. It's awesome.

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Confucious #6 Posted Sep 16 2019 - 16:17


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Have to agree with the OP. Think about the amount of content provided on a weekly basis. What other game provides that much variety and you don't have to pay for DLC? As long as you don't take yourself too seriously then you can have a blast. Literally!

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