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Double-Barreled Vehicles

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Skip2a #81 Posted Sep 25 2019 - 13:07


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Seriously: this is total nonsense.


What started as a historical team based game has become a total joke. Clown Cars have taken all tactical aspects from them game. Let's keep coming up with "new and better" ideas instead of fixing the issues that are in game now.


One poster suggested a different game or mode for your fictitious ideas and that sounds great to me. Give us a historical/Vanilla option to keep enjoying this game instead of trying to add over the top crap.


Give me back my standard garage with parts and pieces everywhere instead of putting time into ridiculous festival backgrounds, childish mini-games and unwanted music that pops up on its own. I enjoy Offspring but don't want them in my game.


See ya,



SteelBeast1965 #82 Posted Oct 11 2019 - 21:35


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Really WG?  What about the ad "Play historical battles with historical Tanks".  Who the F**k is asking for this????

Almost every comment in this "reply" thinks this is totally bullsh!t!!!  You guys have already killed most of the NA server

and this could possibly be the final nail in the coffin.  For once, LISTEN to the community!!!  WE DO NOT WANT

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ISNomads #83 Posted Oct 11 2019 - 23:41


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This is an awesome idea because it mimics the historical implementation  of double barrels on tanks... no, um... it mimics the widespread implementation on modern tanks... hmm, not that either...


Well, it sure isn't:

Needed for balance

Most people want it

Has a low probability of causing issues

Makes the game more realistic

kenhk117 #84 Posted Oct 12 2019 - 00:30


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Wow this is incredible! So the Russians get another tree with more ridiculous BS and we will never see a second US medium line that has been talked about since 2012... Guess it's better to use real prototypes for clam wars rewards and premiums... I was really sad when I came back to the game and found the NA pop was less than half what is was 2 years ago. I'm thinking that's not gonna get any better.

allen220 #85 Posted Oct 12 2019 - 06:01


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Fix the damn game and balance it first maybe. Lets give the soviet double barrel tanks because the soviet tier X tanks ain't OP enough. Let just break the game completely first because we're a Russian base company, gotta make the Soviet tanks the best !  LOL BTW stop being such a greedy money grabbing company WG.  Edit: Also fix your damn high ping servers.

Elbroth #86 Posted Oct 12 2019 - 10:35

    First lieutenant

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WG place this IDEA up your ARS... you are getting so far away from what the game started as .. Why not just bring modern tanks into the game. Getting old.. Wheels now this?


TWKII #87 Posted Oct 12 2019 - 20:24


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This is great!


I mean really think WG you "Tested" this in mostly tier 8 to 10, but did you really test it on the tanks lower then it? Did you? How about in strongholds, team battles Clanwars? Through it against people who DIDN'T help Program the thing and know all its weak points? Also 20 days IS NOT enough time to test this stuff, the x2 shot will kill any tank lower then its own tier (390x2=780 AP) (580x2=1160 HE) (most tanks a tier 6 have 720 max HP), have you really thought of that? Also the armor on this thing can a tank 2 tiers lower then it even have a CHANCE of causing damage to it? (tier 6 pen ranges from 110mm to 200mm pen)

To prove my point that it hasn't been fully tested the video shows the tank is only shooting at are tier 10 tanks! They don't even want to show what it will do to another tier 8 tank. Did you really do lower tier testing? If you did, does that mean that this tank won't see anything lower then IT'S own tier? Cuz that's the only way these x2 guns can work, BTW this in not power creep this is blatant HERE BUY THIS $99 TANK TO COMPETE NO TRUE SKILL NEEDED,

also the pen will be crazy as a standard USSR tanks or what will this be the FIRST heavy have sub par pen say 150 to 200 pen?  but then watch the gold rounds will have enough pen to go through the front of the Maus, or better yet the turret and mantle on the T32, and it's movement will and will match that of scouts. and its camo will be that of the E25, until it fires then it will be like a t-34 camo profile.


Also the cool down won't mean crap look at the KV-2 or the the deathstar when 1 shot will kill it who needs to worry about reload, Fear it's self is a weapon in this game tell me how often will a push stop when a KV-2 is spotted? Or the FV215b? because they don't want to get hit, Now the the reload on them is BAD but players dont want die by a 1 shot. these new x2 gun tanks are going to be a cancer that will be MUCH worse due to the fact that they will have mobility and Armor,

Now it the turrets movement speed slowed when charging the x2 shot. and then LOCKING it in spot too after the x2 shot fired that may be something, but the cool down isn't anything when you KNOW it will kill what you are shooting at.

Like this lets say a the new x2 tank sees a TD an SU-152 he knows that he can take the hit from the 152 and he will reload for 12 seconds or so, so the IS-2V2 has x2 122's he rolls out and lines up the shot and BOOM he can take out the 152  in 1 salvo, Done so now easy push, the roll of TD and their fear factor vs these tanks is gone, now I go back to cover wait, then move up and if its same tier or lower just mop up easy.





But the real fault is the people who don't look at the BIG picture and are just going to buy it thinking that my complaint is a F2P gamer saying something because his wallet isn't fat enough to get it, and this is not true I have bought MANY Premium tanks, so money is not the issue, the issue here is the fact that this is broken, its like saying hey you! You get a musket, then go over to the next guy and say here here is a semiautomatic rifle, the walk to the next guy and say "here if you have the cash you get a nuke!". That is how un-balanced this is.

I mean really this is as broke as having open windows on a submarine!


AGAIN! You ask What we think and AGAIN ignore what is said, you will let your whole game suffer because you want to sell OP tanks. T-127's? they clubbed the hell out of the lower tier players before you did a damn thing, you knew the tank was OP when you put it in, you were sent MANY complaints about it, it took you 2 years to do a anything about it and by that time the damage was done, new players quit after seeing those time and time again, drying out the player base.

Now your going to add more tanks in the mid tier spread, that is going to be MUCH worse and its going to kill off what is left of your player base.



But don't listen to the NA group don't worry you won't really have anyone left here after this thing gets dropped in.


IF this goes in I will most likely no longer play or fund this game company, (This will include world of warships) and for those who say go ahead and leave, then you are dumb. this game on NA servers no longer has the luxury of a large player base to say go ahead and leave, the only ones that are really left are players like me who have played since 2012.

I've seen and put up with a lot of crap in this game, I saw when gold round cost GOLD, when crew members were knocked out of battle for good, when scouts scouted, and a heavy tanks could be a heavy tanks! But this is a straw that will end my playing this game, I play for fun not to get mad, I play games that give me a fair chance, and year after year this game keeps shifting towards the unbalanced scale more times then balanced, hidden stats effecting RNG. certain clans getting set up MM battles. New OP tanks that nothing can hurt, Sub clans that break the rules of the game in them self's. having more then 1 account was ban-able


One of the Real things that have kept me playing this game is how WG honored vets, and history, that is a big deal to me, so I really mean they need to listen to what I have to say and don't put this in, and test it out on other tanks first like the M3 lee or the B1 or the AT8 there are plenty to work with you don't need to add a new Bobject in.


This game was fun once, it still can be even now but you add this double derp crap. and this game will be dead.


Normally I'd say keep tanking but this time no this time I can't I am really bummed that they are going to do this and will most likely not listen.

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rudy32 #88 Posted Oct 12 2019 - 20:45


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This multi-gun nonsense is a dagger in the heart for those of us who value the historical aspects of the game. I believe someone else said it: put the bizarre paint jobs and scifi stuff  in a different game mode.

MNWetdog #89 Posted Yesterday, 11:33 PM


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This is such a bad idea that if finally made me post something.   I got really think if I want to spend anymore money on this game.   Wheeled vehicles and double barrel guns will become the new thing.  If your player base leaves, it is not a good idea.  


Wolf_Jaeger_ #90 Posted Today, 01:48 AM


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In reality none of the arguments for have any merit and are far out balanced by the facts and evidence against this silly idea. However it's clear the soviet loving yet capitalist controllers of this game will do as they please whether it runs the game into the ground or not. At sometime in the not too distant future this will be, as perhaps they want it to be, a in Russia game. As the lack of participation outside of that country will be so minimal that there will be no point in paying for the servers to facilitate them. It's a shame too. In a more neutral country like Sweden or Austria it may have been a real winner for decades to come. 

MagillaGuerilla #91 Posted Today, 02:18 AM


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It seems the new business plan is to drive players away. 

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