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[GWE] Galactic Warrior Empire is open for recruitment (700+ WN8)

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_ReVeNGe_ #1 Posted Sep 17 2019 - 09:07


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Galactic Warrior Empire [GWE]

Clan Portal URL: https://na.wargaming...wot/1000021231/

Discord: https://discord.gg/G6wFuyV


About us: 

We are a casual clan that are looking to get more active in clan battles. Currently we are doing mainly tier 6 skirmish but are looking to expand to tier 8 and hopefully advances and eventually onto clan wars on the global map.



- English speaking only
- Get on Discord voice(mic muted is fine but need to hear calls during clan battles)
- Must have a tier 6
- Recent WN8 of 700+ based on wotlabs.net
- At least 5K battles (exceptions can be made)


Diplomacy (who to contact):

You may contact me here, through Discord or in-game chat (same name) 
Or contact any other high ranking officer (Personnel,Combat or Executive) in our clan.

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