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Double Barrels and Their Potential

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Elbroth #21 Posted Oct 12 2019 - 10:34

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WG place this IDEA up your ARS... you are getting so far away from what the game started as .. Why not just bring modern tanks into the game. Getting old.. Wheels now this?


Lord_Audley_ #22 Posted Oct 12 2019 - 12:06


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Elbroth has it exactly.  Makes me want to not play the game - these dumb circus ideas that take away form the game and just make it stupid.  Bad decision from Wg (in-game mechanic of it is thought out and has its uniqueness but that does not change the fact that the overall idea is still non-historical hot garbage).

HeraldricKnight #23 Posted Oct 12 2019 - 12:17


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That's what this game needs; another Heavy Russian Tank branch that's as gimmicky and bland as the other ten. Meanwhile, German and British Lights are still crap; France still doesn't have a dedicated medium tank line and their Tier VIII Heavies desperately need a facelift; China is forgotten; and America gets more friggin premium mediums AGAIN. 

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