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So Tough to get a win and Reward tanks must only be matched up with same Tier.


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Machisman #1 Posted Sep 19 2019 - 16:59


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For the past 5 months, MM has been really tough with me. My winrate dropped from 53.74% to 53.15%. On a daily basis i play about 20 battles and that is all the time i have. I close the day with 30 to 38% winrate. Not sure if i am the only one going through hard times. I play tier 9 and 10 for the most part. I dont even play tier 8 premiums.

Not sure if this is due to the MM template changes or to do with some OP clan war reward tanks. couldnt understand where and what went wrong.

I understand the randomness of MM, however there has to be some kind of balance.


1. Since this is a 15 v 15 game and one cannot expect everyone in your team to be good. However i observed a sudden drop in skill level of the players. I always get team mates who just go to enemy guns and die.

2. In Almost 90% of the battles, atleast 2 of my team mates die in the first 1.5 minutes. 

3. Some irregularities in MM is observed - On several occasions, My team does not even have a top tier heavy tank, where as the enemy team has atleast one.

4. Also observed too much of camping now a days, partly to do with paper thin mediums. Except for Russian meds, almost all other nation meds are choosing to camp. 

5. i do use XVM and have been using it for the past 4 years. Back then it was hard to see players with less then 47% winrate, but now so many players with less than 45% be it on my team or enemy team. Which makes me question are they real players or BOTS which were introduced by WOT to address the player population crisis.

6. I feel that, if you are not part of a good clan or do not have any of the well know OP tanks, its tough to even do some decent damage and do your part in any battle


One humble request to WG, its a good thing to reward players with tanks for their dedication to clan wars and other stuff, however please have those vehicles matched up with the same tier. 

As it is, Reward tanks are so much better than the research tree vehicles and now putting them as top tier on some tier 8 MM, just makes it even tougher. Just consider yourself lucky if those vehicles are on your team.


WG, please do something about matching the teams, it will make this game even more enjoyable.


For people who are looking at my profile stats. You should be observing my damage and kill ratio have gone up, however not my winrate. I am trying to give my best, however it goes in vain. 

Please upvote if you are going through the same harsh MM, to know if i am not alone.


Thanks for patiently reading through my observation and request.


dnaman #2 Posted Sep 19 2019 - 17:32


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I feel your pain.  I went through a brutal patch for about 2-3 months a while back.  It was painful just like you describe.  I still have days I’m on and days I’m off, but mostly I think it’s back to my decision making and such and not so much on RNG and MM taking a dump on me like it was for a while.  You’d be welcome to platoon with me and probably some of our guys some evening if that’s helpful.  Let me know if you’d like in a PM.  Otherwise, stick to it.  It will eventually end, but those patches are absolutely brutal when you hit them.  

Garandster #3 Posted Sep 19 2019 - 17:35


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I think you answered your own question. If you are seeing a rise in bad players (Anyone can fail there way to tier 10), then that results in bad plays (dying fast, camping hard). The more bad players there are asking their team to carry them the harder you have to work to carry the match. Being in a good clan and/or owning reward tanks is a good indicator that more than likely this individual is a good/great player. These individuals will most likely be more capable of carrying a match and turning a losing match around, so it would make sense on a whole they win more.


The problem with tier 9/10 is the average win rate of a zero damage game goes down sharply compared to the other tiers. It indicates that it is harder to carry a zero damage player and as the number of "bad" players at the tier increases, the odds of having someone on your team have a zero damage game increases.

dunniteowl #4 Posted Sep 19 2019 - 17:43


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I feel you.  I have JUST started clawing my way back up from a drop also -- that started in MAY.  It's been a steady, though very, very slow dip downwards and now, it seems it might be a very, VERY slow climb back up to where I was so that I can reach 'new territory.'


I took screen shots last night of many of my losses, which was another less than 50% evening.  Just checked, I had three 1,000 HP + matches in SPGs (T5) where I was highest score on the team and the next player below me was anywhere from 100 to 300 points in damage behind me.  Very frustrating at times.


You have to take a step back and shake off that frustration in not winning and focus on whether or not your timing is good, is your Basic Knowledge being forgotten -- are you getting complacent about sticking with some things that require more of your attention during a match.  Sometimes, just get a clear head and leave the game alone for a bit while you reflect on things.  These are things I do when I am having trouble -- like now -- so that I can continue to play and slog through the hard part while re-affirming that it's more PLAYING the game than WINNING each match that really drives me.


In my particular case, I had three older brothers and as the youngest of four boys, it didn't matter what game, sport or challenging physical activity, more than likely, I was going to place last.  When you lose a lot -- and don't like it much -- you learn to observe all manner of things to provide you advantage.  Sometimes it's as easy as refreshing yourself with your Vision and Spotting awareness, the mini-map isn't being paid enough attention (single most OP tool in the player inventory) to during matches or forgetting to properly angle or get cover.  Simple stuff that, at some point, we end up taking for granted that 'we got it' that we start getting sloppy about how well we 'got' what we do or how well we do it when we're 'getting' that done.



Hang in there, it definitely is a game for the more patient of heart -- or is a good way to learn how to be patient through that frustration.  Potentially Real Life Useful, that patience and awareness in situations that benefit from someone keeping their head when stuff is all crazy and going on.  Been there, done that.  Knock wood, here to play some more.




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