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Reddit Family Community Night September 28th, 2019

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Private_Public #1 Posted Sep 20 2019 - 15:59


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here is the link to the original - https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/d6w0yg/community_night_september_28th_open_invitation_to/



Howdy ladies and gents!


Shameless pre-invitation plug to our DISCORD server, where we have members of the WG NA and EU offices available, and where we often post about upcoming events/goodies/giveaways before it is posted here. OK, shameless plug over. Back to your regularly scheduled invitation.


This is actually pretty hard for me. This is my last time running a Community Night. It is a lot of hard work putting these events together, but they are always so fun and so worth it. I am going to really miss running these, and I hope that /u/Dirge_Pump will hopefully have just as much fun in the future.


When I first introduced Dirge to the NA offices, it was like a light turned on. I knew instantly that our leadership had made the right choice, and that after he takes over for me on the 29th, that our Community is going to be in hands so good, that I should be ashamed for being so bad at this. Ok, ok… I might be just a little melodramatic. But seriously, Dirge is already working hard behind the scenes, and I think he will be a great representative for us.

Oh yeah. Almost forgot. I need to explain what Community Night is!


For those that have never before had the chance to participate, our Community Nights can be described simply: A few times per year, the RDDT clans come together to host a community event where anyone, whether you're in the Reddit family or not, can join for many fun-filled hours of activity. Players of all skill levels are welcome! The only requirements are to be a good sport and to be ready to laugh all night long. Some of the events we host are for prizes. Some are just for the sheer, raw, unadulterated fun. On SATURDAY, September 28th at 5PM PST / 8PM EST (with events kicking off around 1 hour later), we will gather together on our TeamSpeak server - TS.RDDTCLANS.COM - to kick off the fun!

  • Note: this will be hosted on the Central NA server.

  • If you want to join in from EU, RU, Asia, or wherever you are, and don't want to download the NA client, use the Region Changer Mod to let you choose our server! This, in combination with our event accounts, will allow you to participate very easily!



/u/TragicLoss really came through on prizing. I initially asked for 6 premium tanks for prizes. Dirge_Pump worked with Tragic (who herself did some magical work with the monetization team) to instead bring us 18 premium tanks to give away! WG decided that 2 of tanks that we will be giving out will be a tiny bit extra special. How special? 2 of them are brand new to the game Premium Tanks - the Senlac and Object 244.

So, what are we looking at giving away? The NA offices gave us a list of tanks that the monetization team agreed to support giving out. Dirge and I did our best to try to bring you all some compelling choices off that list. We will now have not just a First and Second place prizes, but Third place prizes for several of our events as well!


For 1rst place prizes, we have the following tanks: Senlac, Obj 244, 2x M41 90, 2x Caern AX

For 2nd place prizes, YOU get the choice: 13-57 or IS-2

For 3rd place prizes, you get the Sherman VC Firefly


We also have some steam codes to give away, and depending on what the RDDT family of clans decides to donate, we may have even more! Pay attention here over the next few days, to see if we are able to get a few more cool goodies for you. Also, for those of you in the EU region, I am trying hard to get some goodies for you specifically, that would be able to be given away by random drawing. Keep a watch out here and in our Discord for what I might be able to get you folks for participating as well, as a thanks for showing up!


Anyway, at this point, you all are probably wanting to know about what events we will be running.


  • Races: You know those dumb neighbor kids who 'raced' down the street in their ugly modded cars? Well, this time, those dumb kids have tanks. We will be zipping around maps and laughing as people flip, roll, fall into the water, and more on their way to victory.

  • Fish in a Barrel: A handful of large Self Propelled Guns on one side, everyone else in tiny tier 1 tanks on the other, all huddled together in the cap circle (barrel) on the opposite side of the map. Are you ready to become The One?

  • Destruction Derby: Mayhem and bone-crunching action to be had, along with the usual laughs as WG brings you PhysicsTM.

  • Battle Boats: Grab an arty. Hit V to turn off HUD. Hit R 3x so you don’t stop moving. Prevent other SPG’s from camping, all the while you try to avoid them preventing you from camping.

  • Battle Bridge: Who doesn't like a little old fashioned sumo? 2 teams line up on a bridge and when signaled, both teams try to shove through each other to get to the other side. It is not uncommon to see tanks wear other tanks like hats.

  • Duck Hunt: A bunch of tier 3 and under tanks on the center road of Lakeville + Derps/Arty in the City + the road slowly shrinks as 2 much larger tanks slowly squeeze in. Be the last alive in this frantic back-n-forth dash! QUACK!

  • Don’t Forget: the usual Trash Compactor, Long Jump, Hide-n-Seek, Derp-Dash and more!

  • Note: events subject to change.



If anyone wants to stream the event and wants it to be known ahead of time, please contact me or Dirge with your stream information and we will update this section with your information. Also, for everyone attending, please be aware that the event is 100% open to streaming by anyone, no permission needed.



Note: I hated having to type out these rules for Event Accounts. I just want everyone to have fun at Community Night. However, because of blatant toxicity from a handful of idiots, we now have to do this. I wish there was another way, and that our hand hadn't been forced like this.


To sign up for an event account ahead of time, please go to THIS FORM and fill it out. Trust me, this will save you a lot of time. You’ll understand why as you read on both for this section, and the section for our TS Info (2 new rules there as well). We are doing the event accounts this way so that we can make sure that we link your main WG account to an event account in order to get prizes to you properly if you win one. Well, that, and also because the NA folks can’t give tanks to EU/other regions. This also confirms that you are aware of the restrictions placed on these accounts.


Some people may have it in their plans to disrupt the evening. We reserve the right to refuse to give an event account to those whom we suspect are using an alternate/sock puppet account to skirt these rules.


DON’T FORGET TO GIVE CONTACT INFO ON THE FORM SO WE CAN GET YOU YOUR EVENT ACCOUNT LOGIN DETAILS!!! We want to be able to get your account details to you ahead of time, so you aren't in a 'rush' missing events the evening of Community Night, because you waited until then to read the Event Account rules.


The accounts should ‘open’ to login on the 27th at 8pm CST, and they are set to ‘close’ at 2am CST on the 29th. So, you should have some decent time ahead of events to get your EBR 105 pimped out for races. Remember, that these accounts ONLY work in training rooms. You can only receive an account after filling out the form linked above. We MUST have confirmation that you read the rules and agree to the restrictions as set by WG.


Full disclosure on why the change in rules for signing up: Thanks to 3 super-toxic trolls at the last Community Night (plus another couple at the Community Night before that), the account rules agreement is now required. These knuckle-heads not only abused the accounts and harassed regular folks in regular training rooms, they also went on live streams (in particular, a very well known EU streamer who hopped in to join the fun) and were extremely toxic/rude, and in general, stirred up trouble until we were able to identify them and kick them out and get their WG ID's/IP info to WG for sanctioning.


Basically, as long as you act with some common sense, there shouldn’t be any problems. You should be able to have a little over 24 hours with your account to not only have fun with us, but to also try out some tanks you haven’t played before and want to get a taste of. Well, to try out in training rooms with some friends.


Claims of “I did not read the event account rules” will not work. These are the same rules that CC’s (Community Contributors) agree to when they get those awesome press accounts that have all the things. These event accounts are for us to have fun, and I don’t want to see WG not give us a chance at these anymore because of a handful of toxic idiots like the last 2 events.


I apologize ahead of time for the inconveniences this may cause (especially the evening of, for those waiting last minute to request an account).


So, the TL;DR of the event accounts? Use some common sense, have some fun, show some good sportsmanship, laugh it up during the events, and don't stir up trouble.


How to Join

Come on and join us!

  • You will need TeamSpeak 3 installed (you can find it here) and working sound. A mic is recommended but not required - as long as you can listen in and type, you should be good to go.

  • Log on to our TS server at ts.rddtclans.com and sign in with our TS bot for FRIEND tags. When you first log in you will receive a personal message from the bot - log in through the message and you'll be ready to go. If you have never joined our TS before, it will be a VERY, VERY good idea to do so at least once ahead of time to get your Friend tag so you are allowed to voice chat, and also so you don't deal with a possibly slow TS Bot on the night of the event keeping you from your Friend tag, and thus, also keeping you from participating in events

  • If you are not part of the RDDT Clan Family, you are now required to register with the Bot and have a Friend Tag in order to participate in Community Night. You are not allowed to join an event room until you have a Friend tag.

  • Once you're set up, on the evening of the event, join us in the Community Night Lobby subchannel. It is within the Main Lobby and should be listed right below you.

  • From that point, we will be giving directions on how to get to the right training rooms for all the fun! To do this, log on to US Central, then at the top of your garage where it says "Random Battle", select that and change it to "Team Training". From there, search for a room hosted by one of our event coordinators.

  • Anyone caught being toxic, especially those who abuse the event accounts while on TS, will not only be perma-banned from our TS server, but they will also have their WG ID's given to WG for immediate sanctions. I don't think we ask for too much - just be a good sport and have fun.




I hope to see a bunch of you there, be you from the RDDT family or elsewhere! I want to thank ahead of time everyone who is helping to run the event and make this possible. I also want to thank my replacement - Dirge_Pump - for working hard to learn everything, and for his enthusiasm in his efforts to try to be a better representative for you all than I ever hoped to be.

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Vulcan_Spectre #2 Posted Sep 20 2019 - 17:26


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Question. Do you need ts to participate in the team training rooms?

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SparkyGT #3 Posted Sep 20 2019 - 17:36


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awesome, signed up, been a while since i did the racing night with you guys, even won some gold :)

Private_Public #4 Posted Sep 21 2019 - 04:19


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View PostVulcan_Spectre, on Sep 20 2019 - 11:26, said:

Question. Do you need ts to participate in the team training rooms?


yes.  You don't have to keep it installed - just install it a few days ahead of time, go to our TS, sign up with the bot for friend tags (gives you permission to move yourself around the rooms/use voice comms if you want), and afterwards, uninstall if you don't want to keep it.


Private_Public #5 Posted Sep 24 2019 - 04:45


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a bump for those who may not have seen the invitation

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