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Why does Wargaming allow seal clubbing?

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325th_MI_Battalion #81 Posted Sep 23 2019 - 04:48


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How about those who got the seal clubber tanks because THEY WON THEM in an event or they were sold on the Black market???

 Sorry, but you are obviously jealous of my seal clubbing tank, too bad, so sad for you.

82nd_19D1P_D3 #82 Posted Sep 23 2019 - 05:27


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Because if I spend $200.00 for a PZ 2 J and a BTSV you better friggin let me play them. Its not my fault new player have a learning curve.

zed2204 #83 Posted Sep 23 2019 - 09:26


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WG dosen't want tou to play below T6, you don't need to to by anything if you are playing low tiers, if there weren't a few high skill-high reward tanks few people stick around to play, much of the player base will be in low tiers, say what you want but T67-E25s are a very good insensitive to get a T8 tank even when you don't really have the skills yet to make profit playng there - "get premium"

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alf2499 #84 Posted Sep 23 2019 - 11:03


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View PostIzgoy0899, on Sep 22 2019 - 10:33, said:


They had that for a while, T1-2, but then removed it.  I'd use it to test setting changes when I first came from console, and play to get muscle memory to any changes without being in an actual game. 


That's odd they'd remove it, they had it for WoWP & WoWS, WoWS in particular had bots past T2 if IIRC, and the AI for them weren't half bad.

Granted, I've been away from WG's games for 4+ years, and mainly returned for FL. WG may well have decided developing better bots for low tier Player vs AI wasn't worth the effort. 


As for seal-clubbing, boy have some people taken it to the next level, I was making the most of the free premium day this weekend and wanted to save a bit of free XP, so messed around with T2-3 Swedish & Italian tanks during FL curfew hours, and ran into several of them. The seal-clubbers I knew from 4+ years ago with ~1k battles at T2 are total amateurs compared to these guys with 10k+ battles in T2. 


I just rolled my eyes, esp since they were all terrible at anything past T5, and really I'd rather they spam 10k+ battles at T2, than spend those same 10k+ battles inevitably being ankle dead-weights to their teams at higher tiers. I just felt bad for the complete game novices with under 500 battles getting clubbed by them, I can imagine how off-putting that would be.


Lowsmoke #85 Posted Sep 23 2019 - 16:18


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These so called wallet warriors keep the game free for the  players who do not have money so keep crying.....so sad u all do not understand that .... lol bots

Taylor3006 #86 Posted Sep 23 2019 - 16:55

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I play mostly tiers 2-4, sometimes some tier 5s and I always run into players with tens of thousands of games playing tech tree vehicles. It isn't just premium tanks although I see quite a few of those. Personally I don't really care, just find it pathetic that people feel the need to ruin the game for new players. 

There really isn't much you can do because even high tier or high games played players will start a new line of tanks or need to retrain their crews using premium vehicles. Separating those players from the seal clubbers is practically impossible. 

The game just needs a co-op mode for new players and for average/below average players can go to have some fun. This is one reason I love the SA server and avoid the NA server like I would a ebola carrying spider monkey. The SA server has a small population so at low tiers, they make up for fewer player by filling teams with bots. This allows players like me a chance to actually do something in the game without getting picked off by some invisible, stat padding idiot. I don't mind losing, just hate going into a game and getting deleted without firing a shot in self defense. It is one reason I quit the game when I first tried it. Without the SA server, I would have dumped the game long ago. 


EDIT:  BTW just in case someone from Wargaming is reading this, I just want them to know one thing. I spend loads of money on games, always have. Tanks is fairly enjoyable, not a great game, but a good one, and I would normally spend about 10 times the amount I spend now to play something I am having fun with. However the crappy matchmaking and seal clubbers make the game an unwelcoming and unfun experience and is the biggest reason I will NEVER spend more than a few dollars a month playing the game. I will never buy a tank that is higher than tier 6 and rarely spend for a tier 5. The only tier 8 tank I will ever own is one you gave me for free and I don't use it. Well I don't play it, I sometimes will sell it when desperately short of credits then buy it back when I have the resources. 

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