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So long Frontline!

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PTwr #1 Posted Sep 21 2019 - 23:22


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It started to get a bit boring, but FL boosters helped to get last three prestige levels.


There were ups and downs to this grindfest, and some screenshots have been made:



In the end I ran out of 8's to grind and had to buy Lynx at full price. This year I used FL to finish Batchat, all four chinese 8's, T-44 (again!), IS-M, SU-101, T-28, Borsig, Ferdi, UDES and that other UDES as well, Centurion and Caermablsdfjrsdfjk, AT-15 because I once got bored and desired funsies, ugly HWK, TVP. In meantime I handicapped myself a bit by training fresh crews, but it was well worth it. I tried once to play SPG, not enough movement to keep me awake.


I tracked battle count and averages in spreadsheet:

Orange battles were done with FL boosters. In the end it took 315 battles, which required some ~100 hours total. FL boosters made a mess of averages...

With 3 FL's per booster it took me about 7 boosters per Prestige level.

If I'd play only unholy trinity of EBR/Progetto/Skorp I'd probably shave some 20%-25% of it, but driving bad tanks in FL had noticeable negative effect on my performance.


heavymetal1967 #2 Posted Sep 22 2019 - 00:33


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LOL at the first screenshot in the spoiler.


Congrats, plus one.

tod914 #3 Posted Sep 22 2019 - 01:46


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Mission accomplished as well.  Glad it's done.  Even though I enjoy the new map, I think I've had enough.




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