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Removing team damage; the cure is worse than the disease.

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Lorendel_VonEbonmist #21 Posted Sep 28 2019 - 13:59


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Rule Violations and Strike Policy

Dec 10, 2018Updated 4 weeks ago

Wargaming is committed to providing all players with a positive gaming experience, and a key part of that is how we handle our rules and what happens when they are violated. This article will explain details about the World of Tanks NA Strike Policy in regards to rule violations. 

This policy first went into effect on August 8, 2016. Accounts that were permanently banned before this time are not eligible for a clean slate and will remain banned. Before this policy was implemented, violations would "roll off" of accounts and no longer count against the player after a certain period of time. 

Under the Strike Policy:

  • Players receive one Warning, and each offense afterward will count as a "Strike" against the account
  • Each Strike comes with a restriction and restrictions increase with each subsequent Strike
  • Strikes are not removed from accounts after a certain period of time
  • Once you have reached five (5) Strikes, your account can be permanently restricted

If you believe a Strike was placed on your account incorrectly, please submit a Penalty Appeal as a Support ticket and we will thoroughly review the issue

Permanent Restrictions:

  • Five (5) Strikes for chat violations can result in a permanent chat ban
  • Five (5) Strikes on the forums can result in a permanent forum ban
  • Five (5) Strikes for game violations can result in a permanent game ban

Players will only receive one Warning, and each offense afterward will count as "Strike" against the account

Lorendel_VonEbonmist #22 Posted Sep 28 2019 - 14:08


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^^ So it says if you believe a strike has been placed on your account incorrectly , you may submit an appeal blah blah.

But i have never seen  anything that pertains to strikes against one's account, the reason I'm curious, is that someone in a battle starting berating 

other teammates about how many strikes  they all had against their accounts, as if he could access this information. I'm guessing that he was just full of it

but then I wondered  if I was missing something. 


ok i just found this:



Sep 6, 2017Updated 4 weeks ago

What kinds of actions do you take when someone is reported?

If the player is found to be guilty of what is reported, their account will receive sanctions. Players who commit chat offenses receive chat bans, while players who commit game offenses receive game bans.

If it is their very first offense, they will receive a warning. After that, future offenses will result in a “strike” being placed on their account and escalating bans depending on how many offenses they have. After a player has accumulated 5 strikes, their account will be permanently banned.

• Warning

• First Strike – 1 day ban

• Second Strike – 3 day ban

• Third Strike – 7 day ban

• Fourth Strike – 30 day ban

• Fifth Strike – Perma ban

I reported a player. Why do I see him still playing the game?

We give all players an opportunity to change their behavior before giving them a perma ban.

• If the player you reported had no previous offenses, they would only have received a warning.

• If he/she had already received a warning, they may still have only received a short ban, based on how many strikes they had accumulated.

• If the offense was a chat offense, they would be chat banned, in which case you would still see them playing, but they would be unable to chat.

• There are also cases where we examine the evidence and it does not meet the standard for applying a sanction. If that is the case, the player would also still be playing.

Why can’t you tell me what actions were taken based on my report?

Information about our players' accounts are protected by our privacy policy. Information about and actions taken against an account are only discussed with the account owner. While this may be frustrating, please know that we protect the information of your account in the same way. The privacy policy is there to benefit everyone.

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dunniteowl #23 Posted Sep 28 2019 - 17:04


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So, like I said, your "Friend" should be able to go to support and check their BANS.


I love it when I know what I'm talking about, so should you.




Lorendel_VonEbonmist #24 Posted Sep 30 2019 - 13:47


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i hate it when people read/listen with the intent to reply, rather than with the intent to understand.

thanx owl your comments have been duly noted, no further assistance needed

wrenchn #25 Posted Oct 03 2019 - 00:24

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View PostBattleTracks, on Sep 22 2019 - 06:52, said:

While tk'ing happened, I'm experiencing the result of removing it more frequently, with the change people now know they can't be killed so are deliberately getting behind you and blocking you so that you'll get shot/killed.  Happening more than tk'ing, worse than tk'ing.

Because either MORONS running WG and the thoughtless war room students or someone's mother called and cried about her baby getting shot by team mates (not because they were a DUNCE). The last week has been terrible what you talk about, I just got of a battle that 6 and I said 6 DAMN tanks pushed around and shot each other the entire battle. No doubt we lost!!!!! 

PS, what the hell is a strike???

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wrenchn #26 Posted Oct 03 2019 - 00:32

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View PostLorendel_VonEbonmist, on Sep 27 2019 - 06:38, said:

I have mixed feelings about this. On one hand, I used to get tk'd once in a while , shot frequently, rammed off spawn all the time ( there used to be in the way back time a time when light tanks and arty were always given the right of way--cuz they need to get to their spots as quickly and unhindered as is possible). This is not a concern anymore, until you can't make your window to get to that bush or w/e and provide 'lights' for your team. Generally if I get bashed 3 or more times off spawn , I become a sniper, as obviously those heavies and tds were in such a huge rush to spot for themselves, I'll let them. Light tanks always did get tk'd alot more, people are very critical of how you play your light tank, even though they wouldn't set foot in one them , they seem to magically know exactly how they should be played and what you should be doing. 


A couple of the problems I have been encountering as a light tanker are these : 

Killing enemy arty. When I get back to enemy arty, as oft I do, I often use the arty as a shield while killing it, or at least stay in close proximity to it, making incoming arty defending projectiles in danger of killing their own arty, not anymore.


Circle killing enemy tanks. Now enemy teammates can fire in-discreetly into the melee without fear of damaging their own tanks. 

Friendly arty Shelling Circled Tanks. No they wont do damage but they will still stun, which is as good as a death sentence. And if you thought they did it alot before its even worse now. 


Light tanks have effectively had one of their most useful tools taken away from them with the no friendly damage mechanic, and its the reason behind why you see so many lights playing more conservatively or just plain sniping. there are several other reasons but not related to this topic, but I will touch one one briefly.  Early Lights often leads to whole teams stopping to snipe and not deploying properly or getting to where they need to be and results in a major campfest.                                                    A static defense will be flanked and destroyed- GS Patton. 


The solution? Enable friendly damage if  the tank is within 10, 20, 25  meters of an enemy tank. This way They enemy cant just rain shells into the melee without possibly harming their own.


I used to call my Blacklist my TK list , reserved for those tk'ers "that had it coming"  as the FF/TK fully automated system that has been in effect since about 2013 could be easily manipulated by controlling your Friendly:enemy damage ratio. this fully automated system that had long been in effect is why reporting  such grievous atrocities was completely useless. Now my blacklist is a PA list "I am soooo gonna Physics Abuse you the next time I see you!!!" However , Physics Abuse, always has been against the rules and any replay sent in with a ticket showing it has always been, from what I've heard, dealt with swiftly and harshly, almost always resulting in a ban of some length of time. It generally became fully enforced when they changed the mechanics to where you could flip over, drive off cliffs, etc (before this wasn't even possible), drownings rarely occurred.


In summary, like everything it has pros and cons. But, what it does do , most assuredly is punishes brawlers and meds and lights that fight close-quarters combats, putting already disadvantaged vehicles in an even more compromising position; And therefore, limiting the amount of willingness to engage in aggressive action, promoting redline sniping and adding to an already overburdening campy /defensive/ videogame chickenpoop play-style embraced by much of the pbase. This bobber-fishing style of play , as opposed to a more active form of fishing (working a lurer or jig or top-water bait or even better fly-fishing)  is ruining an already struggling game. If I wanted to sit on the bank , taking a nap, waiting for a victim to come along , I'd go bobber-fishing. But I digress.


Bottom line ... Bring back team damage, bring back all chat, bring back sooo many maps deemed 'unbalanced' , the only battlefield ever balanced was a chess board , and even then white moves first, And Not one thing in the entire universe is 'Fair' , that's a human dreamed up concept that really doesn't exist anywhere. Bring all these back, and then have WG actually do something about reports of this issues. That's the fail part...reportinig these things did nothing. 




PS : Is there a way you can see how many "strikes" you have against your account? Asking for a friend....

WOW, dude.....you must have wasted an entire day typing all that up!

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