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Contour Lines for Maps

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yangmang617 #1 Posted Sep 22 2019 - 21:41


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I'm a filthy casual, and I don't have time to put thousands of hours into memorizing each map, and where to go.


It would be helpful to have contour lines and peak elevation markers on the maps (like real maps), so that at a glance, I can have some concept of the lay of the land, so I might have a better idea of where to go if I was a scout, or a TD, or a HT, etc.


I think it would help make the map more useful for decision making, when a player doesn't have super intimate knowledge of the maps.


Just a suggestion.


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placidblue #2 Posted Sep 22 2019 - 23:03


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pretty easy thing to do and nothing but beneficial for people learning maps, sounds good to me

dunniteowl #3 Posted Sep 23 2019 - 16:22


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I'm a cartographophile and I approve the concept of Contour Lines on our Mini-Maps.  If nothing else, it would, as OP states, 'provide a quick lay of the land' idea for folks used to using them.  Anyone that hikes a lot, explores or has to go outside the normal roads and trails should be familiar with topographical map contour lines, just as we understand general elevation by color schemes on maps as well.



+1 OP

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CanadianPuppy #4 Posted Sep 23 2019 - 19:57


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Don't know if this is helpful, but there's some HD versions of the minimap you can get from a mod. I didn't particular favour it, but you might.

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