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Suggestions for Next Frontline Episode


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Hawk_Eye4077 #1 Posted Sep 24 2019 - 02:04


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First, thank you for the new map and also for the boosters.  I'm very much enjoying both improvements! 


Second, here's a few suggestions for the next episode.


1. Add a Colonel rank between Major and General.  You can make the boost and xp in prestige points halfway between or make General worth more.  People would appreciate it. 

2. If you wanted to encourage people to level prestige faster or be able to catch up, add a slight buff in earning prestige points for those with higher prestige.

3. If you kill someone with equal or higher rank, there's a point bonus.  I don't know how it works now, but it could add a randomness and a bit of equalization on the field. 

4. Would it be possible to have All Chat in this mode only?  I miss talking to the other team.  It's not the enemy team, per se.  There's no winners in frontline so long as we all rank up.

5. If you were to extend the Frontline mode by two days, the Sunday and Saturday before, you could get a lot of players then and still get many during the week.


Reserve ideas:

1. Add a speed boost.  This would help slower tanks get where they need to be and allow more tanks into the mode, providing more variety. 

2. Add an Anti-Air reserve.  Having it set up similarly to the inspire reserve, the AA reserve provides immunity to air strikes/bombs for a set period of time.  Those within the circle of influence are immune.  This would benefit attackers and defenders both. 

I suggest this because everything should have a balance.

Smoke has a spotter plane.

Engineering can cancel itself if both people are in cap.



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Panzer254 #2 Posted Sep 24 2019 - 02:53


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Got General. and den t get crap for it. a desert map would be nice

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