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Arty killing themselves


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RetroMan55 #21 Posted Sep 27 2019 - 01:16


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View Postn4cer67, on Sep 26 2019 - 17:46, said:

That's not necessarily true, most SPG's don't just point and shoot. Many players ignore the SPG's when they're designating targets or target areas. Being an SPG player you should know that.


For the most part, I only play Arty for certain missions.  Unfortunately, of the 32 tanks I have left to research in the tech tree, 10 are Arty so I will have to get those high tier arties done.  I put it off as long as I can.  While I do use it as I put out above, I have gotten Post game PM's from players who recognize my efforts have helped the team win.  My favorite Arty Sport these days is Counter-Battery Fire.  Most newer Arty players go to predictable positions, and are quite careless about knocking down trees, fences, field debris, and buildings.  So hunting them is easier, especially now that WG fixed the tracers going out.  Nothing makes your team happier than see all 2 or 3 enemy arties going up in 1 shot flames.

dunniteowl #22 Posted Sep 27 2019 - 01:24


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I don't do a lot of CB, but that's because I usually play a Bishop (T5 SPG UK) and it has a very short range and very high lob.  I get pretty close to where the shizzle and the fan meet most times.  I have to, my max range is just beyond max spotting distance.  If I want to get some damage in, I got to get pretty close to right behind most of my team.  


Even so, I now have 8 CBs for it.  About half of those are TD mode against my fellow SPG opponents.  In one match I got my CB by Direct fire against all three enemy SPGs after already taking out four enemy other tanks of some sort.  It was Sand River on Encounter.  Very fun and exciting game that time.


When you see me in match in the Bishop, remember, Rub the Bishop for Luck.  I will help my team to win.  I do it about 53% of the time successfully in that unit alone.


You'll never see me suicide.  I always want:

One more shot

One more kill

One more second

One more time


I won't stop until you stop me.



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