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Tournament Idea

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CDR_4_DV #1 Posted Sep 29 2019 - 14:47


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OT First Annual All Pro Tournament


You think your the best. Well it is time to put up. Your, being asked to lead random WOT players in a special assignment tournament. Here your orders:  Pro’s and Regular WOT members will sign up for a special operations. The Pro’s will have orders to lead regulator WOT players in to battle. Pro’s will have to think fast on their feet and lead these band of misfits to victory by defeating the enemy forces. 


It will be a triple elimination event. Each event will be a ten team round robin matches every ten minutes (like normal round robin tournaments). Top three team move forward to there own bracket on the way to the championship bracket. If your not in the top three teams it is considered a loss. The seven losing teams are moved to their own new bracket. Until you reach the third bracket. 


You will randomly be signed 20 WOT member leading these band of mercenaries brothers to victory.  If you do not have 15 members for battle no worries one well be air dropped in one minute before battle. (Drop in’s will receive 1/5th of the place gold for that placement for the day then you will be disbanded from the team)  You have to use all your members in each 9 games round robin at least 4 times.  


The map will be one of four randomly picked sectors of the Dreamland  map.  This map will be extremely difficult to call, but you earned the right to be a Pro so go out and prove it.


Being a Pro's  you can handle this and will be paid handsomely.


First round:


1st Place: Pro receives 1000 gold, each remaining team member gets 200 gold.

2nd Place: Pro receives 500 gold, each remaining team member gets 100 gold.

3rd Place: Pro receives 250 gold, each remaining team member gets 50 gold.


All new Second Round brackets to include first round losers will receive:


1st Place: Pro receives 1500 gold, each remaining team member gets 300 gold.

2nd Place: Pro receives 750 gold, each remaining team member gets 150 gold.

3rd Place: Pro receives 350 gold, each remaining team member gets 75 gold.


All new Third and final Round brackets to include second round losers will receive:






Championship bracket only:


1st Place: Pro receives 15,000 gold, each remaining team member gets 5000 gold.

2nd Place: Pro receives 10,000 gold, each remaining team member gets 3,500 gold.

3rd Place: Pro receives 5,000 gold, each remaining team member gets 2,500 gold.


All other losers brackets will receive:


1st Place: Pro receives 2000 gold, each remaining team member gets 400 gold.

2nd Place: Pro receives 1000 gold, each remaining team member gets 200 gold.

3rd Place: Pro receives 500 gold, each remaining team member gets 100 gold.


Pro’s that place in any round will receive a permanent (All Pro) emblem to be place automatically on the barrel of all your tanks. (You will be able to option out of this emblem)


All Pro,s can show their appreciation to there team by opting out of payment and disputed half or all it gold amongst the 20 players. If the Pro donates any portion of his gold he will receive 48 (Donated) emblems for his tanks.


Pro must be proficient in calling and be present for all three days. If you are not present 10 minutes before the first battle for that day a new Commander will be permanently assigned and air dropped in 10 minutes before the first battle of each day. Any gold made in previous days will still be paid to you.


Pro will be assigned by the top ranking of the WOT players that sign up for the tournament.


Good Luck, this is a suicide mission!

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