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A tale of woe

scavenger hunt

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AudDog_56 #1 Posted Sep 30 2019 - 08:22

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As I approached the 30 and 31st codes for the scavenger hunt the only tank I had in the garage that could fully utilize the the 40K experience was the IS 3 that has been waiting for a crew training sale. The 40K extra EXP should just about unlock the top gun. I had already put vents, vertical stabilizer, and a rammer on it, so I put my 3 skill IS crew, food plus a directive and redeemed the 10k.

     The next day I had the 31st code but did not activate it, I activated 3 boosters played a couple of games to get warmed up, then redeemed the 31st code. My plan was to play the KvIs to trip the code then play the IS3 until I got a top 10 for the 30k. it turns out the 2nd game was still going on and my top 10 finish there tripped the 31st consumables and I put the 30K on the KvIs gunner. LOL He went from 59% to 63% of his 3rd skill


omi5cron #2 Posted Sep 30 2019 - 08:40


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i did this once also.so now i force myself to ONLY play one match at a time,until the 10k/30k has been applied.no more taking chances.


what happened in my instance,i was killed early in a match that seemed to be headed for a sure last or near-last place in exp. turned out my team was WAY worse than i expected...even dying early in a loss,i still got in top 10.now i know better. turns out the match was a BLOWOUT match.never assume...

ArmorStorm #3 Posted Sep 30 2019 - 11:32


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Lazy programming.  We should be able to just pick a tank to apply that bonus xp to out of a drop-down list. 

Filthywon #4 Posted Sep 30 2019 - 12:20

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That sucks, but I can beat that. I once "somehow" dismissed a 3 skill Commander. I was Not happy! 

Vulcan_Spectre #5 Posted Sep 30 2019 - 12:47


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View PostFilthywon, on Sep 30 2019 - 06:20, said:

That sucks, but I can beat that. I once "somehow" dismissed a 3 skill Commander. I was Not happy! 

You can recover them if they have a skill or more

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