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When did September Tank Rewards End ?

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Triple_Crown #1 Posted Sep 30 2019 - 23:21


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I thought this ended today - September 30th ? I just achieved Homework and Recess in game to get near completing Tier III and the Rewards site has been changed so you cannot choose a reward ....grrrrrr


Anyone else able to access September Tank rewards ?


~ Triple-crown

Garandster #2 Posted Sep 30 2019 - 23:31


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There was an issue with putting us on the same page as EU, since it's the same program, it probably saves resources to run the same event for both servers. Send in a ticket so you have one in the system. They will most likely have our compensation figured out in the next few days.

NeroGermanicus #3 Posted Sep 30 2019 - 23:36


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I am amazed anyone actually wasted their time on that!

RetroMan55 #4 Posted Sep 30 2019 - 23:40


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Finishing in the Top 3 for each section will be much harder - especially if you have to win.  So far, it looks like win, lose or draw.  Let's hope that doesn't change for NA.


Edit:  So...WG Texas learns NOTHING from past experience.  The missions are in fact Must Win Battles.  Which means those missions that require you to end in the Top 3 only reward 10% of the 30 players in the battle.  In the past this was enough to get a lot of players to skip the missions.  Such missions don't reward players skill level, but instead tie you to getting on the good team side of the battle.  If you are on the bad team, there is no hope of winning no matter how hard you carry.  Odds don't look worth the effort.


2nd Edit:  Looks like the conditions have changed, you only have to finish in the Top 3, 5, 10 by experience.  Nice save WG.


3rd Edit: You must win at the Top 10 and Top 5 Missions, but not the Top 3.  Again, problem is WG staff doesn't have to grind their way up the tech tree - they get fully opened accounts.  Which teaches them little about the game and is akin to those who skip into long lines and think they are equal to those who have been waiting/working patiently.

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tod914 #5 Posted Sep 30 2019 - 23:46


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View PostNeroGermanicus, on Sep 30 2019 - 17:36, said:

I am amazed anyone actually wasted their time on that!


Think I got a med kit. Small.

bad_73 #6 Posted Sep 30 2019 - 23:54

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A n d yet another opportunity for compensation....lol !!!So funny its ridiculous!

heavymetal1967 #7 Posted Sep 30 2019 - 23:58


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They gave us 500 points once you made some progress in each tier.


But it seemed busted after tier one - for me and a few others in this thread at least.





View PostJambijon, on Sep 20 2019 - 12:48, said:

Again, I just wanted to confirm everything was official and working before responding.  We've decided to provide every tanker with 500 bonus points once they've made some progress within the reward tier, and every tier after that.  


Be sure to check your TR balance after you've made some progress through a new tier as they won't display immediately following you reaching the tier, just a little after.





Re: "ending time".




Block Quote

Tank Rewards: Back to School


EVENT BEGINS: Monday, September 9, 04:20 PT | 06:20 CT | 07:20 ET
EVENT ENDS: Tuesday, October 1, 04:00 PT | 06:00 CT | 07:00 ET



gunnerG #8 Posted Oct 01 2019 - 05:50


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This is the last day in the back to school  event and I am unable to redeem my tokens on the tank rewards page. What is going on and what must I do to cash in the tokens I've been collecting for the last month? The tank rewards page says: German Unification, Event Starts Soon. Well the Back to School event isn't over yet and I want to use my tokens.


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